Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Your account has now been permanently disabled.

In the past 24 hours, YouTube has Suspended Two of my accounts. SpiritofCMartel, and SpiritofMartel. What is most amazing about the 2nd suspension, is that it came without warning, and within 24 hours of my 1st posting. No warnings, no videos removed...Just Instantaneous Banning. The videos that was getting all the attention and comments, "Banned on YouTube" received over 2500 hits, had 8 or 10 honors, and over 130 comments...In less than 24 hours. ???? WTF?



FiNeX7 said...

AH shit..

The worst part is that google might get even more anal...

Pim's Ghost said...

Yeah, YoogleTube now. Damn Cru, I just clicked on a video of yours over at Jawa and it was already gone. The thumbnail of my lame photoshop is still there though!! HAHA! But you got some good comments and views while it was up.

So, should I make you a video? A just for Cru video? I think we should flood YT with video tributes to you. This hacks me off. I was just reading some of your great comments on one of my videos. And none of this makes sense. There are PLENTY of people and videos not being attacked or taken down. The Muslim hit-squad must have just gotten onto you or something there. I just posted a goofy Mo animated cartoon from YT to both The Ultimate Insult and the The IBA, and then watched a ton more. But you of all people they keep taking down.

Elvisdogg said...

Your account is not the only thing being fire bombed! They're hitting the Danish embassies again.

From Aljazeera.net:
"Demonstrators angered over a satirical video of the Prophet Muhammad, which was broadcast on Danish TV, have hurled firebombs and rocks at the Danish embassy in Tehran."

CRUSADER said...

Pims...I sent yoyu a video...http://rapidshare.de/files/36289007/YouTube_-_Broadcast_Yourself.mht
There the link to download the comments section...Minus of course My comments. All Comments by SpiritofMartel it seems have been deleted from all videos. Cru18 comments still remain, SpiritofCMarrel...But the last one is like I wasn't even there.
Talk with me tomorrow.

Pim's Ghost said...

I got the mail about the video, but couldn't access it on YT. I'll try again.

And yep, I'll be here, Cru.

Best of luck as always.