Sunday, October 22, 2006

Muslim woman refuses to remove her veil in court, so judge tosses case

Detroit Free Press

From the articles too funny Not to parse files:

DETROIT - Ginnnah Muhammad of Detroit was looking for her day in court.
Instead, she said she felt as if a judge forced her to choose between her case and her religion in a small-claims dispute in Hamtramck District Court. [It's called the separation of Church and State.]

A devout Muslim, she wore a niqab - a scarf and veil to cover her face and head except for her eyes - as she contested a rental car company's charging her $2,750 to repair a vehicle after thieves broke into it.

Judge Paul Paruk said he needed to see her face to judge her truthfulness and gave Muhammad, 42, a choice: take off the veil when testifying or the case would be dismissed. She kept the veil on. [Are You Sure That's your final answer?]

"I just feel so sad," Muhammad said last week. "I feel that the court is there for justice for us. I didn't feel like the court recognized me as a person that needed justice." [Good guess dear: They recognized you as a talking black bag, with eyeballs. Without you speaking please tell us who on the planet could recognize you...Kreskin?] "I just feel I can't trust the court."[As opposed to a Sharia Court where your testimony would be worth 1/2 that of a man? All you needed to do was take the bag off your head.]

The wearing of a niqab has spurred increasing debate, particularly in Europe. In 2004, France banned the wearing of it and other religious symbols in public schools. [which has caused Muslims to riot and murder there in protest]

This month, former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, still a member of parliament, ignited a fierce debate over the niqab by suggesting that Muslim women in his district remove their veils when they visit his office. He said it would improve communication, calling the veil "a visible statement of separation and of difference."[In a perfect world, it would be called apartheid against women]

It has sparked controversy in the United States as well. A Muslim woman from Florida unsuccessfully went to court in an effort to overturn the state's order in 2001 that she reveal her face for her driver's license photo.[That one always makes me giggle...BTW, the Saudis have it right: People with BAGS OVER THEIR HEADS shouldn't be allowed to drive cars!]

In metro Detroit, which has one of the country's largest Muslim populations, a small minority of Muslim women - primarily those of Yemeni descent - wear the niqab, said Dawud Walid , executive director of the Michigan branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. [Our Muslim Brothers, "building bridges" for Americans to cross over. Don't forget to mention the one-way turnstile at the other end.}

Paruk said that as a fact finder, he needs to see the face of a person testifying.[Sounds reasonable, I'm sure Shariah Laws are the same.(snickers)] Michigan has no rules governing what judges can do regarding religious attire of people in court, so the judges have leeway on how to run their courtrooms. [Leeway? They make witnesses in Mob Trials show their faces!]

"My job in the courtroom is to make a determination as to the veracity of somebody's claim," he said. "Part of that, you need to identify the witness and you need to look at the witness and watch how they testify."[The Mob Guys just want to "identify" their next victim.]

Paruk said he offered to let Muhammad, who was born in the United States and converted to Islam at the age of 10, wear the veil during the proceedings except when she testified.[Sounds reasonable to me, wouldn't you Muslims agree?] He said this was the first time someone had come before his court wearing a niqab, and he noted that many Muslims do not consider it a religious symbol.

"I felt I was trying to accommodate her as best I could," he said.

Walid said Paruk still violated Muhammad's civil rights.["Civil Rights" or Special Rights?]

"Although a niqab is donned by a minority of Muslim females, it is still a bona fide religious practice," he said. [So is Head Shrinking, Sacrificing Life Chickens, and Walking Across Beds of Hot Coals.]

Hamtramck, once almost entirely populated by residents of eastern European descent, now has a large and growing population of Muslims.

"There definitely needs to be greater sensitivity toward the growing populace in that municipality," Walid said. [Yes, you're right. We should give the Muslims there the same sensitivity we gave the eastern Europeans.}

Judges should seek to strike a balance between running their courtrooms and respecting the religious views of those appearing before them, said Steve Leben, a Kansas trial court judge who is president of the American Judges Association.

"I'm not trying to be critical of the judge because it is difficult to make decisions on the fly," Leben said. "But if it's a person's legitimate religious belief, we have a duty to try to reconcile these competing interests." [What?!]

Mark Somers, chief judge of the Dearborn District Court, which covers the bulk of the Detroit area's Muslim population, said he could not recall an instance when a woman who wore a niqab came before his court to testify. [That's because Islamic Tradition dictates. that in these situation, Women aren't allowed to testify...They Livestock. They woould let my Horses testify either.]

But he said he would not require a woman to remove her veil during a civil case.

"To me, it would not be an issue," he said. "I simply as a matter of personal policy would never ask someone to do that." [This is the quote that CAIR will take and run with. I'm sure they are one step ahead of me.]

What this is, is one more example of Islam's interfacing with Western culture.(or lack thereof) There is only one goal here: To supercede Constitutional Laws with Sharia Laws, and render non Muslims second class citizens by law. There is no such thing as anonymity in open court for adults. The expectation of special treatment for religious minorities in our court systems is unrealistic, and this is just another political football that CAIR will pick up and run with.]


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Aura™ said...

I think I'm going to be sick. The insanity of it all just keeps getting thicker and thicker. I know the story about the Florida woman. Before she converted to Islam she was a convicted felon child abuser (for beating her kid).

When the story first ran, the media showed her mug shot all over the news. I can just image how she hated that...and now it's all over the internet.

Still waiting for that mass awakening I talk about. There truly has got to come a day. I just hope it doesn't come too late!