Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Answers For a Liberal

Hey CRU18, Just wanted your opinion on a couple of things;
>The abolition of Habeus Corpus.The idea of free speech zones and whether you think bin Laden and co would be happy or sad to see these freedoms minimised. They seem like a victory for the terrorists, but I'd like to know how you feel about it. Thanks.

Historical precedence: Lincoln during the US Civil War Suspended Habeas Corpus.
Today's Proposed Use: Arrest and Detention of Enemy Combatants taken on the battlefield(POWs which IMHO, should be released when the war is over, and Not before, as in every war before this.), Suspected Terrorists, and those who Aid and Abet them. In theory, not a good idea, but with the reality of today's global conflict, we are faced with an unprecedented challenge. For this explanation, we must break the world into 2 houses as Islamic Theological, and Political Doctrine does, and I will use Their terms. Dar al Harb and Dar al Islam [House of War(Harb), and House of Submission(Islam)] We are fighting two types of wars with Islam in Dar al Harb right now on dozens of fronts: Hot(The Lesser Jihad) and Cold (The Greater Jihad) We are fighting the Hot war also in Dar al Islam. This they use as leverage in the media, with manipulation of photos, stories, and whatever they can use to make it seem as though Muslims and Arabs are only victims in the war. Recent events in Lebanon exemplify this. The brutal Zionists destroying Infrastructure, killing about 1,000 and displaced another half million Lebanese. Babies Even died under the American made Bombs dropped by the Zionist Crusaders from American Planes, while the Heroic Freedom Fighters from Hezbollah Stood their ground in defiance. That sound about right? Now the fact that Hezbollah launched over 500 rockets into Israel the week Before the actual Incursion into Israel in which they Killed eight Israeli soldiers, and Kidnapped two, causing Israel to respond is never mentioned, nor are the hundreds of Israeli Civilians and soldiers that died in the attacks by Hezbollah, and the Iranian made Ball-Bearing Packed Anti-Personnel Missiles they launched, targeted directly at Israeli civilians. The Poor Lebanese and I do feel sorry for their plight, are suck in the middle, and this because they have lost the greater jihad against Islam. 20 years ago, Lebanon was nearly 70% Christian, now it's a Muslim Majority country. Dar al Islam 1 Dar al Harb 0
Next we come to Europe: After God died, and Hitler cursed Europe forever (at least until they resurrect God, and then their identity), They slowly declined in birthrate, and into political correctness, and they needed to import a workforce, and so the Colonization by Asia and North Africa began. You have a front row seat for the certain destruction of the freedoms we cherish in Europe, with Sweden, Holland, England, and Germany leading the way, as France is now beginning to swing the other way under constant attack from "Asian Youths" in the suburbs of Paris. England and Sweden may be lost already between Mass Immigration, and the huge disparity in birthrates between the Native Europeans, and the colonizing Muslims. Europe if it follows the current pattern, will fall in the greater Jihad, just like Lebanon, within 30 years, without a shot fired. They are out-breeding Europeans 3 to 1 That's the math involved in the Greater Jihad.(A world
Islamic Republic, under the Caliphate)
Our current system of laws in Dar al Harb, are allowing this to happen, and defeat is inevitable, under the laws that made the west great. They own Europe, not the Europeans, they just haven't signed the deed to Eurabia Yet. They are back, after 323 years, they have returned to the Gates of Vienna. Al Qaeda chose Sept 11th as the day, for a reason...Sept 11th 1683 King Jan III Sobieski broke the siege of Europe by the Ottoman Turks at the gates of Vienna. Bin laden chose 9/11 as a reminder, and to serve notice, Islam is Back. Europe, and the rest of the West, will have to find reasons to fight against this. Multiculturalism, and Political Correctness are Not worth dying for, they aren't worth fighting for either. Till the Paradigm shifts, and the laws change, Dar al harb will continue to lose rights to Islam in Dar al Harb, until our sons and daughters find they are no longer acceptable for employment, because they aren't Muslim. There will be no court in which they can sue, because under Sharia Law, a Dhimmi has no equal right to anything, and rest assured, once Muslims can vote Muslim Governments in, Shariah will be the law in Europe. Is Habeas Corpus going to affect you? Are you a Muslim Terrorist? If so, I hope so, if Not, Then No, it wont. Right now "Moderate" Muslims are lobbying for laws, and special rights. Soon, they wont need to lobby. They are winning by the current rules (Our rules), it's become necessary to change them. Does UBL care one one way or the other? We can't afford to care what he thinks, nor can we afford not to act while we still have the ability to do so, without having to resort to even more drastic measures. Would you like to see a dozen Serbias in Western Europe, A dozen Bosnias? That's what Western Europe faces within 25 years.

Point Two: Freespeech zones

The first "Free Speech Zones" were set up at the Democrat National Convention in Atlanta Ga. to prevent anti-abortion protesters from disrupting the convention. They have been used by Both major political parties in this country since. I don't care Who the POTUS is, I don't want to see their motorcade egged, and I'd rather the world, especially the enemies of my country were not treated to the spectacle of loud, and often rabidly fanatical demonstrations, usually organized by the World Workers Party, and enacted by their Useful Idiots, which have no place at public functions attended by the POTUS. There is a time, and a place for discourse, That Isn't It. As I said, "Free Speech Zones, have been around longer than Al Qaeda has, and Bin Laden's actions have nothing to do with them. The creation of these zones where ruled constitutional by the US Supreme Court independent of the actions of the terror groups. One need only visit a country like Iran, and see how political dissenters are treated there, to understand the implications of the West losing the War to stay Western. It would be a mistake to put forth the proposition that Judeo-Christian culture has had their turn, and now it is Islam's, as the old must make way for the new in the name of progress...There is nothing "new" or "progressive" about Islam, much to the contrary, the theology, morals, political structure, and general mindset have remained unchanged for 13 centuries. Dar al Harb, has evolved beyond Islam, and the time has come for Islam to walk in step with the rest of the world. The time has come for Islam to assimilate into Modern Civilization, rather than attempt to usurp it. Muslim advocacy groups dedicate their efforts to securing special rights and considerations for Muslims, even to the extent of using terrorist acts committed by Muslim Fundamentalist to further their Own agendas, when citing these acts as proof that current policies that "discriminate" against Muslim Communities (Forcing them to abide by the laws of their host countries, and not Shariah), must be changed. As guests, and the children of guests, the onus is on Muslims to assimilate into Western Culture, and society. It does not, and Must not fall upon the West to accommodate Them.

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Absolutely. Great job, Cru. I'll back that up any day of the week.