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Suspect and A Setback In Al-Qaeda Anthrax Case

Scientist With Ties To Group Goes Free

By Joby Warrick
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In December 2001, as the investigation into the U.S. anthrax attacks was gathering steam, coalition soldiers in Afghanistan uncovered what appeared to be an important clue: a trail of documents chronicling an attempt by al-Qaeda to create its own anthrax weapon.

The documents told of a singular mission by a scientist named Abdur Rauf, an obscure, middle-aged Pakistani with alleged al-Qaeda sympathies and an advanced degree in microbiology.
Using his membership in a prestigious scientific organization to gain access, Rauf traveled through Europe on a quest, officials say, to obtain both anthrax spores and the equipment needed to turn them into highly lethal biological weapons. He reported directly to al-Qaeda's No. 2 commander, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and in one document he appeared to signal a breakthrough.

"I successfully achieved the targets," he wrote cryptically to Zawahiri in a note in 1999.

Precisely what Rauf achieved may never be known with certainty. That's because U.S. officials remain stymied in their nearly five-year quest to bring charges against a man who they say admitted serving as a top consultant to al-Qaeda on anthrax -- a claim that makes him one of a handful of people linked publicly to the group's effort to wage biological warfare against Western targets.

Rauf, 47, has been under scrutiny in Pakistan since he was detained there for questioning in late 2001, according to U.S. and Pakistani officials who agreed to talk about the case for the first time. But officially he remains free, and Pakistan now says it has no grounds for arrest. Last year, in an acknowledgment of the impasse in its four-year joint investigation with Pakistan, the FBI officially put the case on inactive status.

"We will never close the door, but the chances of getting him into the United States are slim to none," said one U.S. intelligence official, who, like others, agreed to discuss the case on the condition that he not be identified by name.

The documents that first revealed Rauf's role were part of a large stack of papers discovered in a house after coalition forces overran an al-Qaeda base in Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan. He emerges from documents and interviews as one of the most intriguing, and in some ways most troubling, figures in an international investigation into al-Qaeda's biological weapons program.

With the evidence against Rauf, some U.S. officials say they are perplexed about why Pakistani authorities have refused to further pursue him, while acknowledging that the case presents both legal and political difficulties for Pakistan.

To terrorism experts, Rauf is a symbol of a dangerous convergence: a marriage of militancy and technical expertise that could someday yield new kinds of highly lethal weapons to be used against civilians.

"He was someone who at least understood the professional procedures and methods," said Milton Leitenberg, an expert on biological weapons with the University of Maryland's Center for International and Security Studies who reviewed the seized documents. "In theory, if he went in the laboratory and tried and tried, maybe he could have gotten it right."

Exactly how far al-Qaeda progressed with Rauf's help is not publicly known. No one has turned up any links between his work and the U.S. anthrax attacks, in which spores were mailed in letters to news organizations and U.S. Senate offices. Coalition forces discovered rudimentary laboratories in Kandahar but no evidence of bioweapons production. Yet both the White House and a presidential commission have hinted at additional findings suggesting that the terrorists were much further along than was first thought.

U.S. officials are even more reticent in discussing possible links between al-Qaeda's anthrax program and the 2001 U.S. attacks, which killed five people and briefly shut down the U.S. Capitol. Privately, FBI officials doubt that such a link exists. They note that the attacks came with an explicit warning -- a letter advising the victims to take penicillin, resulting in a far lower death toll -- but without an explicit claim of responsibility. "It doesn't fit with al-Qaeda's modus operandi," one intelligence official said.

Yet U.S. officials have been unable to rule out al-Qaeda or any other group as a suspect. Earlier this month, FBI officials acknowledged that the ultra-fine powder mailed five years ago was simply made and could have been produced by a well-trained microbiologist anywhere in the world.

Several leading bioterrorism experts still contend that the evidence points to al-Qaeda or possibly an allied group that coordinated its attack with the Sept. 11, 2001, strikes on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. These experts point to hijacker Mohamed Atta's inquiries into renting a crop-duster aircraft and to an unexplained emergency-room visit by another hijacker, Ahmed Ibrahim A. Al Haznawi, for treatment of an unusual skin lesion that resembled cutaneous anthrax.

Whether or not al-Qaeda was involved, U.S. officials and bioterrorism experts agree on this: The alliance between the terrorist group and a little-known Pakistani scientist could have yielded disastrous results in time.

Monday, October 30, 2006

We are biased, admit the stars of BBC News

Well, Here's an old an wise saying: "When exposed, admit the obvious and find find an excuse."
From the Daily Mail

It was the day that a host of BBC executives and star presenters admitted what critics have been telling them for years: the BBC is dominated by trendy, Left-leaning liberals who are biased against Christianity and in favour of multiculturalism.
A leaked account of an 'impartiality summit' called by BBC chairman Michael Grade, is certain to lead to a new row about the BBC and its reporting on key issues, especially concerning Muslims and the war on terror.

It reveals that executives would let the Bible be thrown into a dustbin on a TV comedy show, but not the Koran, and that they would broadcast an interview with Osama Bin Laden if given the opportunity. Further, it discloses that the BBC's 'diversity tsar', wants Muslim women newsreaders to be allowed to wear veils when on air.
At the secret meeting in London last month, which was hosted by veteran broadcaster Sue Lawley, BBC executives admitted the corporation is dominated by homosexuals and people from ethnic minorities, deliberately promotes multiculturalism, is anti-American, anti-countryside and more sensitive to the feelings of Muslims than Christians.

One veteran BBC executive said: 'There was widespread acknowledgement that we may have gone too far in the direction of political correctness.
'Unfortunately, much of it is so deeply embedded in the BBC's culture, that it is very hard to change it.'

In one of a series of discussions, executives were asked to rule on how they would react if the controversial comedian Sacha Baron Cohen known for his offensive characters Ali G and Borat - was a guest on the programme Room 101.

On the show, celebrities are invited to throw their pet hates into a dustbin and it was imagined that Baron Cohen chose some kosher food, the Archbishop of Canterbury, a Bible and the Koran.

Nearly everyone at the summit, including the show's actual producer and the BBC's head of drama, Alan Yentob, agreed they could all be thrown into the bin, except the Koran for fear of offending Muslims.

In a debate on whether the BBC should interview Osama Bin Laden if he approached them, it was decided the Al Qaeda leader would be given a platform to explain his views.

And the BBC's 'diversity tsar', Mary Fitzpatrick, said women newsreaders should be able to wear whatever they wanted while on TV, including veils.

Ms Fitzpatrick spoke out after criticism was raised at the summit of TV newsreader Fiona Bruce, who recently wore on air a necklace with a cross.

The full account of the meeting shows how senior BBC figures queued up to lambast their employer.

Political pundit Andrew Marr said: 'The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It's a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people. It has a liberal bias not so much a party-political bias. It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias.'
Washington correspondent Justin Webb said that the BBC is so biased against America that deputy director general Mark Byford had secretly agreed to help him to 'correct', it in his reports. Webb added that the BBC treated America with scorn and derision and gave it 'no moral weight'.

Former BBC business editor Jeff Randall said he complained to a 'very senior news executive', about the BBC's pro-multicultural stance but was given the reply: 'The BBC is not neutral in multiculturalism: it believes in it and it promotes it.'
Randall also told how he once wore Union Jack cufflinks to work but was rebuked with: 'You can't do that, that's like the National Front!'

Quoting a George Orwell observation, Randall said that the BBC was full of intellectuals who 'would rather steal from a poor box than stand to attention during God Save The King'.

There was another heated debate when the summit discussed whether the BBC was too sensitive about criticising black families for failing to take responsibility for their children.

Head of news Helen Boaden disclosed that a Radio 4 programme which blamed black youths at a young offenders', institution for bullying white inmates faced the axe until she stepped in.

But Ms Fitzpatrick, who has said that the BBC should not use white reporters in non-white countries, argued it had a duty to 'contextualise' why black youngsters behaved in such a way.

Andrew Marr told The Mail on Sunday last night: 'The BBC must always try to reflect Britain, which is mostly a provincial, middle-of-the-road country. Britain is not a mirror image of the BBC or the people who work for it.'

At least 80 Iraqis killed today in Sectarian Conflict

Of course the headline the story carried was:100 Americans die in Iraq during October.
Apparently, news services have made it a practice "burying the lead" behind headlines that highlight American casualties. As the previous story illustrates, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find objective news at the major outlets, and in the MSM.

Here's the story:
BAGHDAD, Iraq- At least 80 people were killed or found dead in Iraq on Monday, including 33 victims of a bomb attack on laborers lined up to find a days work in Baghdad's Sadr city Shiite slum. The U.S. military announced the death of the 100th service member killed in combat this month.
U.S. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley made an unannounced visit to the Iraqi capital where he with his Iraqi counterpart for talks on military and political coordination, the government announced.

It said Hadley met with Mouwafak al-Rubaie in his Green Zone office to follow up on a decision late last week to form a joint commission to coordinate U.S.-Iraqi relations, especially military activity.

The commission was established in a video conference Saturday between U.S. President George W. Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who has issued a series of critical statements about American policy in Iraq over the past week.

"The two sides discussed the work of the committee which agreed to by between the prime minister and the American president and is designed to coordinate development of the Iraqi security forces, expedite military training, reconciliation among Iraqis and the war against terrorism," the statement said.

In other violence gunmen killed hard-line Sunni academic Essam al-Rawi, head of the University Professors Union, as he was leaving home. At least 156 university professors have been killed since the war began. Hundreds, possibly thousands, more are believed to have fled to neighboring countries, although Education Ministry spokesman Basil al-Khatib al-Khatib said he had no specific numbers on those who have left the country.

The explosion in the sprawling Shiite slum of Sadr City tore through food stalls and kiosks at 6:15 a.m. (0315 GMT), cutting down men who gather there each morning hoping to be hired as construction workers. At least 59 people were wounded, police Maj. Hashim al-Yasiri said.

Sadr City, is a stronghold of the Mahdi Army loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, and has been the scene of repeated bomb attacks by suspected al-Qaida fighters seeking to incite Shiite revenge attacks and drag the country into full-blown civil war.

Ali Abdul-Ridha, injured on in the head and shoulders, said he was waiting for a job with his brother and about 100 others when he heard a massive explosion and "lost sight of everything."

He said the area had been exposed to attack because U.S. and Iraqi forces had driven into hiding Mahdi fighters who usually provide protection in the tumbledown district on the northeast extreme of Baghdad.

"That forced Mahdi Army members, who were patrolling the streets, to vanish," the 41-year-old Abdul-Ridha said from his bed in al-Sadr Hospital, his brother lying beside him asleep.

However, Falih Jabar, a 37-year old father of two boys, said the Mahdi Army was responsible for provoking extremists to attack civilians in the neighborhood of 2.5 million people.

"We are poor people just looking to make a living. We have nothing to do with any conflict," said Jabar, who suffered back wounds. "If (the extremists) have problems with the Mahdi Army, they must fight them, not us," he added.

Also among those killed were a woman selling tea and three children ranging in age from 10 to 15 years, said police Capt. Khadhim Abbas Hamza and Rahim Qassim Jassim, deputy head of the local health directorate.

The U.S. and Iraqi military have kept a tight cordon around Sadr City since a raid there last week in search of an alleged Shiite death squad leader, who was not found.

The last major bombing in Sadr City occurred on Sept. 23 when a bomb hidden in a barrel blew up a kerosene tanker and killed at least 35 people waiting to stock up on fuel for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Along with rising civilian casualties, October is already the fourth deadliest month for American troops since the war began in March 2003. The other highest monthly death tolls were 107 in January 2005; 135 in April 2004, and 137 in November 2004.

The U.S. military identified the latest casualty as a Marine assigned to Regimental Combat Team 5. It said he died in combat Sunday in Anbar province west of Baghdad, a hotbed of the Sunni resistance to U.S. forces and their Iraqi government allies. The Marine's name was withheld until the family was notified.

The rebounding violence coincides with U.S. efforts to bring Sunni insurgents into a reconciliation process and an embarrassing public squabble with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki over a schedule for achieving breakthroughs in security and political goals.

Political tensions deepened further on Sunday when Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, the country's ranking Sunni politician, threatened to resign if al-Maliki did not move swiftly to eradicate militias.

Mohammed Shaker, a key aide to al-Hashemi, said the threat was intended to send a message to the government over the rising sectarian violence. "We cannot live with this situation indefinitely," Shaker said.

He was joined on Monday by a Sunni ally, Adnan al-Dulaimi, who threatened to withdraw the Iraqi Accordance Front from parliament and the cabinet unless security improved.

"If current conditions continue, Iraq will be destroyed," al-Dulaimi said.

Al-Maliki depends heavily on the backing of a pair of Shiite political organizations and has resisted concerted American pressure to eradicate their private armies — al-Sadr's Mahdi Army and the Badr Brigade, the military wing of Iraq's most powerful Shiite political bloc, the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, or SCIRI.

The gunmen, especially those of the Mahdi Army, are deeply involved in the sectarian killings that have brutalized Iraqis in Baghdad and central Iraq for months.

The militias have also infiltrated the predominantly Shiite security forces, who suffered 300 deaths during Ramadan, mainly at the hands of Sunni insurgents but also in fighting between police and rival militia fighters.

At least 26 policemen were killed on Sunday, including 17 in one attack in the predominantly Shiite southern city of Basra. Gunmen dragged 15 policemen and two translators — instructors at the Basra police academy — off a bus at the edge of the city Sunday afternoon. Their bodies were found dumped throughout the city beginning about four hours later.

The worsening violence in Iraq has become a pivotal issue in U.S. midterm elections next month, placing strains on relations between Washington and al-Maliki's shaky Shiite-dominated government.

The prime minister last week issued a series of angry statements, denouncing U.S. plans for a timeline to measure progress as infringing on Iraqi sovereignty and complaining to U.S. President George W. Bush over what he saw as imperious treatment from U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad.

The complaint followed an announcement by the Afghan-born Khalilzad that al-Maliki had agreed to set a timeline for progress on security and political reforms — something the prime minister later denied.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Khalilzad said the squabble was a misunderstanding.

"That was a problem in how what I said was interpreted or translated to him and how it was played by some of the media here. What he understood as it was explained to him was that I had determined what issues and by when the Iraqis had to decide," the ambassador explained.

Saddam Hussein's chief lawyer walked out of court Monday after 12 of his requests were rejected, but the chief judge immediately appointed other attorneys to defend the deposed president.

The walkout came shortly after chief defense lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi ended a monthlong boycott of the trial in which Saddam and six other defendants are charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity for a 1987-88 offensive against Iraq's Kurdish population.

Saddam already faces a possible death sentence in a separate case brought in connection with the killing of 158 Shiite villagers in Dujail after a 1982 assassination attempt against him. Iraqi court officials say a verdict in the first trial would definitely be handed down on Sunday, two days before the American election.

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The short film written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Directed by Thoe van Gogh. It cost van Gogh his life.
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Answers For a Liberal

Hey CRU18, Just wanted your opinion on a couple of things;
>The abolition of Habeus Corpus.The idea of free speech zones and whether you think bin Laden and co would be happy or sad to see these freedoms minimised. They seem like a victory for the terrorists, but I'd like to know how you feel about it. Thanks.

Historical precedence: Lincoln during the US Civil War Suspended Habeas Corpus.
Today's Proposed Use: Arrest and Detention of Enemy Combatants taken on the battlefield(POWs which IMHO, should be released when the war is over, and Not before, as in every war before this.), Suspected Terrorists, and those who Aid and Abet them. In theory, not a good idea, but with the reality of today's global conflict, we are faced with an unprecedented challenge. For this explanation, we must break the world into 2 houses as Islamic Theological, and Political Doctrine does, and I will use Their terms. Dar al Harb and Dar al Islam [House of War(Harb), and House of Submission(Islam)] We are fighting two types of wars with Islam in Dar al Harb right now on dozens of fronts: Hot(The Lesser Jihad) and Cold (The Greater Jihad) We are fighting the Hot war also in Dar al Islam. This they use as leverage in the media, with manipulation of photos, stories, and whatever they can use to make it seem as though Muslims and Arabs are only victims in the war. Recent events in Lebanon exemplify this. The brutal Zionists destroying Infrastructure, killing about 1,000 and displaced another half million Lebanese. Babies Even died under the American made Bombs dropped by the Zionist Crusaders from American Planes, while the Heroic Freedom Fighters from Hezbollah Stood their ground in defiance. That sound about right? Now the fact that Hezbollah launched over 500 rockets into Israel the week Before the actual Incursion into Israel in which they Killed eight Israeli soldiers, and Kidnapped two, causing Israel to respond is never mentioned, nor are the hundreds of Israeli Civilians and soldiers that died in the attacks by Hezbollah, and the Iranian made Ball-Bearing Packed Anti-Personnel Missiles they launched, targeted directly at Israeli civilians. The Poor Lebanese and I do feel sorry for their plight, are suck in the middle, and this because they have lost the greater jihad against Islam. 20 years ago, Lebanon was nearly 70% Christian, now it's a Muslim Majority country. Dar al Islam 1 Dar al Harb 0
Next we come to Europe: After God died, and Hitler cursed Europe forever (at least until they resurrect God, and then their identity), They slowly declined in birthrate, and into political correctness, and they needed to import a workforce, and so the Colonization by Asia and North Africa began. You have a front row seat for the certain destruction of the freedoms we cherish in Europe, with Sweden, Holland, England, and Germany leading the way, as France is now beginning to swing the other way under constant attack from "Asian Youths" in the suburbs of Paris. England and Sweden may be lost already between Mass Immigration, and the huge disparity in birthrates between the Native Europeans, and the colonizing Muslims. Europe if it follows the current pattern, will fall in the greater Jihad, just like Lebanon, within 30 years, without a shot fired. They are out-breeding Europeans 3 to 1 That's the math involved in the Greater Jihad.(A world
Islamic Republic, under the Caliphate)
Our current system of laws in Dar al Harb, are allowing this to happen, and defeat is inevitable, under the laws that made the west great. They own Europe, not the Europeans, they just haven't signed the deed to Eurabia Yet. They are back, after 323 years, they have returned to the Gates of Vienna. Al Qaeda chose Sept 11th as the day, for a reason...Sept 11th 1683 King Jan III Sobieski broke the siege of Europe by the Ottoman Turks at the gates of Vienna. Bin laden chose 9/11 as a reminder, and to serve notice, Islam is Back. Europe, and the rest of the West, will have to find reasons to fight against this. Multiculturalism, and Political Correctness are Not worth dying for, they aren't worth fighting for either. Till the Paradigm shifts, and the laws change, Dar al harb will continue to lose rights to Islam in Dar al Harb, until our sons and daughters find they are no longer acceptable for employment, because they aren't Muslim. There will be no court in which they can sue, because under Sharia Law, a Dhimmi has no equal right to anything, and rest assured, once Muslims can vote Muslim Governments in, Shariah will be the law in Europe. Is Habeas Corpus going to affect you? Are you a Muslim Terrorist? If so, I hope so, if Not, Then No, it wont. Right now "Moderate" Muslims are lobbying for laws, and special rights. Soon, they wont need to lobby. They are winning by the current rules (Our rules), it's become necessary to change them. Does UBL care one one way or the other? We can't afford to care what he thinks, nor can we afford not to act while we still have the ability to do so, without having to resort to even more drastic measures. Would you like to see a dozen Serbias in Western Europe, A dozen Bosnias? That's what Western Europe faces within 25 years.

Point Two: Freespeech zones

The first "Free Speech Zones" were set up at the Democrat National Convention in Atlanta Ga. to prevent anti-abortion protesters from disrupting the convention. They have been used by Both major political parties in this country since. I don't care Who the POTUS is, I don't want to see their motorcade egged, and I'd rather the world, especially the enemies of my country were not treated to the spectacle of loud, and often rabidly fanatical demonstrations, usually organized by the World Workers Party, and enacted by their Useful Idiots, which have no place at public functions attended by the POTUS. There is a time, and a place for discourse, That Isn't It. As I said, "Free Speech Zones, have been around longer than Al Qaeda has, and Bin Laden's actions have nothing to do with them. The creation of these zones where ruled constitutional by the US Supreme Court independent of the actions of the terror groups. One need only visit a country like Iran, and see how political dissenters are treated there, to understand the implications of the West losing the War to stay Western. It would be a mistake to put forth the proposition that Judeo-Christian culture has had their turn, and now it is Islam's, as the old must make way for the new in the name of progress...There is nothing "new" or "progressive" about Islam, much to the contrary, the theology, morals, political structure, and general mindset have remained unchanged for 13 centuries. Dar al Harb, has evolved beyond Islam, and the time has come for Islam to walk in step with the rest of the world. The time has come for Islam to assimilate into Modern Civilization, rather than attempt to usurp it. Muslim advocacy groups dedicate their efforts to securing special rights and considerations for Muslims, even to the extent of using terrorist acts committed by Muslim Fundamentalist to further their Own agendas, when citing these acts as proof that current policies that "discriminate" against Muslim Communities (Forcing them to abide by the laws of their host countries, and not Shariah), must be changed. As guests, and the children of guests, the onus is on Muslims to assimilate into Western Culture, and society. It does not, and Must not fall upon the West to accommodate Them.

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Muslim woman refuses to remove her veil in court, so judge tosses case

Detroit Free Press

From the articles too funny Not to parse files:

DETROIT - Ginnnah Muhammad of Detroit was looking for her day in court.
Instead, she said she felt as if a judge forced her to choose between her case and her religion in a small-claims dispute in Hamtramck District Court. [It's called the separation of Church and State.]

A devout Muslim, she wore a niqab - a scarf and veil to cover her face and head except for her eyes - as she contested a rental car company's charging her $2,750 to repair a vehicle after thieves broke into it.

Judge Paul Paruk said he needed to see her face to judge her truthfulness and gave Muhammad, 42, a choice: take off the veil when testifying or the case would be dismissed. She kept the veil on. [Are You Sure That's your final answer?]

"I just feel so sad," Muhammad said last week. "I feel that the court is there for justice for us. I didn't feel like the court recognized me as a person that needed justice." [Good guess dear: They recognized you as a talking black bag, with eyeballs. Without you speaking please tell us who on the planet could recognize you...Kreskin?] "I just feel I can't trust the court."[As opposed to a Sharia Court where your testimony would be worth 1/2 that of a man? All you needed to do was take the bag off your head.]

The wearing of a niqab has spurred increasing debate, particularly in Europe. In 2004, France banned the wearing of it and other religious symbols in public schools. [which has caused Muslims to riot and murder there in protest]

This month, former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, still a member of parliament, ignited a fierce debate over the niqab by suggesting that Muslim women in his district remove their veils when they visit his office. He said it would improve communication, calling the veil "a visible statement of separation and of difference."[In a perfect world, it would be called apartheid against women]

It has sparked controversy in the United States as well. A Muslim woman from Florida unsuccessfully went to court in an effort to overturn the state's order in 2001 that she reveal her face for her driver's license photo.[That one always makes me giggle...BTW, the Saudis have it right: People with BAGS OVER THEIR HEADS shouldn't be allowed to drive cars!]

In metro Detroit, which has one of the country's largest Muslim populations, a small minority of Muslim women - primarily those of Yemeni descent - wear the niqab, said Dawud Walid , executive director of the Michigan branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. [Our Muslim Brothers, "building bridges" for Americans to cross over. Don't forget to mention the one-way turnstile at the other end.}

Paruk said that as a fact finder, he needs to see the face of a person testifying.[Sounds reasonable, I'm sure Shariah Laws are the same.(snickers)] Michigan has no rules governing what judges can do regarding religious attire of people in court, so the judges have leeway on how to run their courtrooms. [Leeway? They make witnesses in Mob Trials show their faces!]

"My job in the courtroom is to make a determination as to the veracity of somebody's claim," he said. "Part of that, you need to identify the witness and you need to look at the witness and watch how they testify."[The Mob Guys just want to "identify" their next victim.]

Paruk said he offered to let Muhammad, who was born in the United States and converted to Islam at the age of 10, wear the veil during the proceedings except when she testified.[Sounds reasonable to me, wouldn't you Muslims agree?] He said this was the first time someone had come before his court wearing a niqab, and he noted that many Muslims do not consider it a religious symbol.

"I felt I was trying to accommodate her as best I could," he said.

Walid said Paruk still violated Muhammad's civil rights.["Civil Rights" or Special Rights?]

"Although a niqab is donned by a minority of Muslim females, it is still a bona fide religious practice," he said. [So is Head Shrinking, Sacrificing Life Chickens, and Walking Across Beds of Hot Coals.]

Hamtramck, once almost entirely populated by residents of eastern European descent, now has a large and growing population of Muslims.

"There definitely needs to be greater sensitivity toward the growing populace in that municipality," Walid said. [Yes, you're right. We should give the Muslims there the same sensitivity we gave the eastern Europeans.}

Judges should seek to strike a balance between running their courtrooms and respecting the religious views of those appearing before them, said Steve Leben, a Kansas trial court judge who is president of the American Judges Association.

"I'm not trying to be critical of the judge because it is difficult to make decisions on the fly," Leben said. "But if it's a person's legitimate religious belief, we have a duty to try to reconcile these competing interests." [What?!]

Mark Somers, chief judge of the Dearborn District Court, which covers the bulk of the Detroit area's Muslim population, said he could not recall an instance when a woman who wore a niqab came before his court to testify. [That's because Islamic Tradition dictates. that in these situation, Women aren't allowed to testify...They Livestock. They woould let my Horses testify either.]

But he said he would not require a woman to remove her veil during a civil case.

"To me, it would not be an issue," he said. "I simply as a matter of personal policy would never ask someone to do that." [This is the quote that CAIR will take and run with. I'm sure they are one step ahead of me.]

What this is, is one more example of Islam's interfacing with Western culture.(or lack thereof) There is only one goal here: To supercede Constitutional Laws with Sharia Laws, and render non Muslims second class citizens by law. There is no such thing as anonymity in open court for adults. The expectation of special treatment for religious minorities in our court systems is unrealistic, and this is just another political football that CAIR will pick up and run with.]

Muslim Rioting Again Hits France

October 23, 2006

French police found themselves once again under attack by firebomb wielding North African Muslim immigrants on Sunday.

The Paris suburb of Grigny was the scene of the pitched battle which featured 50 Islamic youths rampaging through the streets taunting police, pelting them with rocks and torching passenger vehicles including a bus.

Fearing a repeat of last November's riots, the hard-line Action Police CFTC union urged interior minister Sarkozy - the leader of the right of center Gaullist Party - to make a show of force to head off any possible duplication of last year's street warfare which at the time the CFTC called an "insurrection" that resulted in 10 deaths, hundreds of serious injuries and millions of dollars in property damage.

American-Muslim TV Network Host Urges Votes for Democrats

From the "Bridges to our Doom" Files: This just in.

Bridges TV, the first English-language American-Muslim TV network, is expanding into six states and creating a potential audience of nearly 2 million.

The network, which began broadcasting in the Buffalo, N.Y., area in November 2004, offers a mix of entertainment, sports, news, and documentaries.

Its mission statement declares that the network seeks “to improve the image of Muslims in the United States" and to "offer a unique perspective on the Middle East and the war on terrorism."

But in a recent interview, one of its hosts criticized the “Jewish lobby” in the U.S. and called on American Muslims to vote for Democrats in November.

Other examples of the network’s “unique perspective” include these offerings, according to The New York Sun:
A religious figure who appeared on Oct. 3 asserted that Muslims have a duty to increase the percentage of Americans who are Muslims from 2 percent to 50 percent, and recommended that Shariah, or Islamic law, be implemented in American courts.
The next day, Bridges TV aired a speech by Muslim scholar Jamal Badawi, who in an interview raised questions about who was really behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks and suggested that Americans could be responsible for car bombings in Iraqi markets.
That same day, Imam Mohammad Alo Elahi was a guest on a news program, “Talking Points.” According to his Web site, Elahi was a spiritual leader in Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iranian navy, and has met with the spiritual adviser of the Hezbollah terror organization.
On Oct. 5, listeners heard an anti-Jewish, anti-Christian sermon that included the call, “May God destroy them!”
A Koranic verse broadcast on Oct. 9 praised martyrdom.
One of the stars of Bridges TV is Donald “Skip” Conover, a co-founder of the health care company CBay Inc. He hosts and produces a show called “Words Matter,” and was the subject of an article in the Saudi daily Arab News in September.

In the article, Conover discussed the power of the “Jewish lobby” and called on Muslims to vote for the Democrats, the Sun reported.

“I have news for the Muslim community,” he said. “All American politicians are in the pocket of the Jewish lobby today because they control a lot of money, and they spend a lot of money in politics.

“If the Muslims of America believe that they don't want Bush to have a free hand for the next two years, then the Muslims of America need to get organized and make sure they get out to vote for Democrats for both the House and the Senate. Every Muslim in the Middle East who has a relative in the U.S. should get the message across to their relatives. They need to make sure that all their friends vote against Bush.”

Steven Stalinsky, executive director of the Middle East Media Research Institute, writes in the Sun: “Bridges TV claims that its ‘major purpose’ is ‘to build bridges between American Muslims and other Americans.’ After viewing the channel, I find this highly unlikely.”

Me too Steve...Me too.

44 killed across Iraq as Ramadan ends

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Militants targeted police recruits and shoppers rounding up last-minute sweets and delicacies Sunday for a feast to mark the end of the Ramadan holy month, the highlight of the Muslim year. At least 44 Iraqis were reported killed across the country.

"But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful." (Quran 9:5)

"There will be no holiday in Iraq," said Abu Marwa, a 46-year-old Sunni Muslim father of three who owns a mobile phone shop in the capital. "Anyone who says otherwise is a liar."

In Sunday's bloodiest attack, gunmen in five sedans ambushed a convoy of buses carrying police recruits near the city of Baqouba 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, killing at least 15 and wounding 25 others, said provincial police chief Maj. Gen. Ghassan al-Bawi. The recruits were returning home after an induction ceremony at a police base south of Baqouba.

A series of bombs also ripped through a Baghdad market and bakery packed with holiday shoppers, killing at least nine people and injuring dozens, police said. The attack came a day after a massive bicycle-bomb and mortar attack on an outdoor market killed 19 and wounded scores in Mahmoudiyah, just south of the capital.

The Iraqi Islamic Party issued a statement blaming Shiite militiamen for the attack in Mahmoudiyah, 20 miles south of Baghdad. The Sunni organization claimed Shiite militiamen had killed 1,000 residents in the town since the start of the year.

In all Sunday, at least 44 Iraqis were killed or their bodies were founded dumped along roads or in the Tigris River. While the number was not high by the grim standards of the more than 3 1/2-year war, the timing and targets revealed a brutal disregard for the sanctity and meaning of the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which is to Muslims what Christmas is to Christians.

After fasting from dawn to dusk for a month to become closer to God, the holiday is a time when families and friends gather for sumptuous meals and children are given new clothes and toys. Muslims also traditionally visit the graves of loved ones.

"I don't think my family will go out and visit relatives this holiday," said Hasnah Kadhim, a 54-year-old Shiite homemaker and mother of four. "There are too many explosions."

Symbolic, perhaps, of Iraq's deepening sectarian split, only Sunnis are celebrating the start of the Eid holiday on Monday. The country's majority Shiites begin the three-day festival Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on which senior cleric they follow.

"Things are getting worse every day in Baghdad," said Abu Marwa, the Baghdad storekeeper. "So, it's logical that today will be better than tomorrow. That's why I have no plans for the holiday."

Sunday's killings raised to at least 950 the number of Iraqis who have died in war-related violence this month, an average of more than 40 a day. The toll is on course to make October the deadliest month for Iraqis since April 2005, when The Associated Press began tracking the deaths.

Until this month, the daily average had been about 27. The AP count includes civilians, government officials and police and security forces, and is considered a minimum based on AP reporting. The actual number is likely higher, as many killings go unreported.

The United Nations has said at least 100 Iraqis are now killed daily.

Monday, October 16, 2006

More about CAIR:

CAIR and company is holding secret meetings in Florida, with Congressional candidates from other states...
Read the story.

Civil rights lawyer sentenced to prison

Sheik Omar Abdel Rathman's Mouthpiece, and accomplis finally got what she deseves. An all expesnes paid trip to prison, for passing messages from the Blind Assassin to his henchmen.

NEW YORK - Civil rights lawyer Lynne Stewart was sentenced Monday to 28 months in prison on a terrorism charge for helping a client who plotted to blow up New York City landmarks communicate with his followers, a sentence far less than 30 years prosecutors wanted.

Stewart, 67, smiled as the judge announced he would send her to prison for less than 2 1/2 years.

"If you send her to prison, she's going to die. It's as simple as that," defense lawyer Elizabeth Fink had told the judge before the sentence was pronounced.

Stewart, who was treated last year for breast cancer, was convicted in 2005 of providing material support to terrorists. She had released a statement by Omar Abdel-Rahman, a blind Egyptian sheik sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted in plots to blow up five New York landmarks and assassinate Egypt's president.

Prosecutors have called the case a major victory in the war on terrorism. They said Stewart and other defendants carried messages between the sheik and senior members of an Egyptian-based terrorist organization, helping spread Abdel-Rahman's call to kill those who did not subscribe to his extremist interpretation of Islamic law.

In a letter to the judge before her hearing, Stewart proclaimed: "I am not a traitor."

"The end of my career truly is like a sword in my side," She said in court Monday. "Permit me to live out the rest of my life productively, lovingly, righteously."

In a pre-sentence document, prosecutors told U.S. District Judge John G. Koeltl that Stewart's "egregious, flagrant abuse of her profession, abuse that amounted to material support to a terrorist group, deserves to be severely punished."

Stewart, in her letter to the judge, said she did not intentionally enter into any plot or conspiracy to aid a terrorist organization. She believes the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks made her behavior intolerable in the eyes of the government and gave it an excuse to make an example out of her.

"The government's characterization of me and what occurred is inaccurate and untrue," she wrote. "It takes unfair advantage of the climate of urgency and hysteria that followed 9/11 and that was relived during the trial. I did not intentionally enter into any plot or conspiracy to aid a terrorist organization."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Dember argued at her sentencing that the case had nothing to with Sept. 11.

"What she was doing was smuggling terrorism messages and smuggling out Abdel-Rahman's responses," Dember said.

About 150 Stewart supporters who could not get inside the capacity-filled courtroom stood outside the courthouse, chanting "Free Lynne, Free Lynne." Some 200 others jammed the hallways outside the courtroom.

"It's not just Lynn Stewart who is a victim, it's the Bill of Rights that's the victim," said Al Dorfman, 72, a retired lawyer who joined the crowd outside.

Stewart was arrested six months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, along with Mohamed Yousry, an Arabic interpreter, and Ahmed Abdel Sattar, a U.S. postal worker. The indictment against them was brought by former Attorney General John Ashcroft in 2002.

Koeltl sentenced Sattar to 24 years in prison. Convicted of conspiracy to kill and kidnap people in a foreign country, he could have been sentenced to life.

"I am not a violent person," Sattar said. "I am a human being. I am an America. I am a Muslim who practices and believes strongly in his religion."

Koeltl said he departed from the federal sentencing guidelines because no one was killed or injured as a result of the crimes and because of Sattar's lack of previous crimes and restrictive prison conditions.

Questions Directed to CAIR

I recently viewed a news report featuring Mr Ahmed Bedier Tampa Florida's communications director for the Council on American Islam Relations, regarding President Bush's statements on the incident in Abu Ghraib prison, and I felt compelled to respond to it, publicly...In refusing to accept President Bush's apology for what is now known to be an isolated incident involving one national guard unit from Maryland and their involvement in a pornography scam, and Not an example of the widespread systematic abuses that were alleged. Mr Bedier stated: "But I think it's more of a strategic type situation...Because it doesn't look good or very um...I guess dignifying, um....for the President of the Superpower to maybe apologize to somebody lower, but um...I think it would actually benefit him...make him more humane." He then goes on to explain that it is an offense to Muslims Modesty, and conservativism. In my humble opinion, the true affront to Muslim modesty and conservativism has been, and is being perpetrated by an entirely different set of people. But we wont discuss that now. Later on in the story, Mr Bedier Hypothesizes "The increase in violence may have been a result of the abuses in Abu Ghraib" Well... allow me to retort . The increase in violence in Iraq had nothing to do with Abu Ghraib, rather, it is a result of the bombing of the Golden Mosque in Sammarra one of Iraq's holiest Shiite shrines. That is why there has been an increase in violence there. This Begs the question of Mr. Bedier communications director for the Council on American Islamic Relations in Tampa, What exactly is the motive for communicating these Opinions and Hypotheses?
CAIR has set itself up as the voice of Islam in the United States, but the communications only seem to go one way. While CAIR surely enjoys American Freedoms and Democratic values, I ask why they seek not to embrace, but instead to change them? Why do they not attempt to assimilate Muslims into the Culture, and the values and Traditions of American life, rather than condemning America and Americans in nearly every article and press release I have seen, or read from them... those that don't condemn Israel that is.
I would also like to ask: Why CAIR speaks in support of Terrorist organizations such such as Hezbollah and Hamas?
It has always served as an ally of the Hamas movement, engaging in blanket charges that American Muslims are the victims of wholesale repression, and that U.S. foreign policy is dictated by extreme Zionists. I suggest if if someone wants to see Real Muslim victimization by wholesale repression, they should visit an Islamic State such as Iran, or Sudan. Why not revisit Afghanistan under the Taliban, Or imagine Iraq should our mission there fail. Consider the tens of thousands dead at the hands of the Terrorists there, since the the Bombing of the Golden Mosque this February.
CAIR seems unwilling to to aid the in the fight against Terrorism, they don't propose meaningful political discussion or interfaith dialogue...instead, they stress "sensitivity" to "Muslim feelings." They complain about injuries allegedly done to Muslims, which must be recognized and apologized for before any dialogue takes place. When public figures Do apologize the apology is never accepted. CAIR's mission is a purely political one. CAIR has publicly proclaimed its support for terror against Israel, Here are some of the most infamous examples, CAIR co-founder Nihad Awad declared in 1996, "I am in support of the Hamas movement." As you know Hamas's Charter calls for the annihilation of the State of Israel. In November 1999, his colleague Omar Ahmad told an audience in Chicago: "Fighting for freedom, fighting for Islam, that is not suicide. They kill themselves for Islam." And of course His most famous quote is:"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." So we dare to ask: What exactly Is CAIR's Goal or should I say Mission in the United States?

CAIR chose to neither endorse, nor participate in the May 14, 2005 "Free Muslims March Against Terror " an event whose stated purpose was to:"send a message to the terrorists and extremists that their days are numbered" . . . "and to send a message to the people of the Middle East, the Muslim world and all people who seek freedom, democracy and peaceful coexistence that we support them." Why wasn't CAIR at the the forefront of this march? Why weren't Messrs Awad, Bedier, and Ahmad Keynote speakers, or even in attendance at this March? The Free Muslims March against terror represented the feelings of virtually All of My Muslim friends, Why didn't CAIR endorse this march if they claim to be the voice of Islam in America? Because the "Islam" they represent is the same one that Hamas and Hezbollah represents. The are the same. As we have seen they aren't afraid to actively oppose Israel, or the Patriot Act. Their ideals are much more closely aligned with those of Al Qaeda, than they are with the USA, and Western Civilization...They just just wear suits. Why do they not endorse marches in opposition of terrorism? That a question better left unasked.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Verdict reached in Aref and Hossain trial

Jurors have found two Albany Mosque leaders guilty of terrorism charges. Pizzeria owner Mohammed Hossain was found guilty on all charges against him, while Imam Yassen Aref was only convicted of 10 of the charges. Our Steve Ference has the latest information on the verdict.
The jury foreman speaks out after he and his fellow jurors spent a full four days deliberating over charges these two men supported terrorism through money laundering, lied on immigration documents and aided a designated terrorist group.

U.S. Attorney, Bill Pericak, said "This is a world where when we have suspicions about people, we have a choice. Do we do something or do we wait until something happens?"

Prosecutor Bill Pericak said the government sting operation nabbed two men who could have walked away from the FBI informant who pretended to be a missile dealer to a terrorist organization.

But they didn't.

The jury found Mohammad Hossain, a pizza shop owner guilty on all charges, conspiring to conceal money believed to be the proceeds of supporting a terror organization, importing and dealing firearms without a license and conspiring to prepare and threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction.

"The jury worked very hard," Pericak said. "And you could tell from their verdict that they really examined the evidence very carefully and I think they arrived at a just result."

While not found guilty on all counts, the jury decided Albany Muslim leader Yassin Aref also conspired to conceal money believed to be the proceeds of the sale of a surface to air missile, threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction and providing support to the terrorist group Jaish-il Muhammad.

Defense attorney, Terrence Kindlon, said he looks to the future.

"You know clearly, the willingness of the jury in this case to acquit on 20 of the 30 counts gives us a glimmer of hope for the future."

Now the attorneys try to figure out the complicated sentencing guidelines that could lead to Aref's deportation and Hossain's incarceration for around 20 years

2,660 Iraqi civilians killed in Sept.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - More than 2,660 Iraqi civilians were killed in the capital in September amid a wave of sectarian killings and insurgent attacks, an increase of 400 over the month before, according to figures from the Iraqi Health Ministry.

The increase came despite an intensified U.S.-Iraqi sweep of Baghdad that was launched in mid-August to try to put down the wave of violence that has swept over the capital. The violence consists of a deadly combination of bombings and shootings by Sunni insurgents, and slayings by Shiite and Sunni death squads.
The figures for the number of civilian deaths in September in Baghdad came in an official monthly report from the Health Ministry to the Cabinet on the number of Baghdad victims of violent deaths, two senior ministry officials told The Associated Press.

The two officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the government has issued orders that the death figures not be released. Civilian casualty numbers are always sensitive, and several other officials in the Health and Interior ministries contacted by the AP refused to give statistics.

The report said 2,667 civilians had died violent deaths in September — an average of 89 a day. Those deaths include bodies found dumped around Baghdad and the victims of explosions, shootings and other attacks, the two officials said.

By comparison, 2,222 people died violently in August in Baghdad, according to a U.N. report published in September, which is also based on official statistics from the Health Ministry.

The two ministry officials said the U.N. number was accurate for the August deaths.

The monthly figures include two categories. One is the number of bodies found in Baghdad, provided from the city morgue, where the bodies are taken to determine the cause of death.

In September, the morgue reported 1,471 bodies of people who died from violence.

Shiite and Sunni death squads are known to kidnap members of the opposing sect, then dump bodies of their victims, often bound and tortured. So a large proportion of the 1,471 bodies are likely from sectarian killings — though they also would include victims of criminal kidnappings and murders.

The other category included in the monthly figure encompasses the victims of explosions, shootings or other attacks, reported by hospitals. They numbered 1,196 in September, according to the report, the two Health Ministry officials said.

In August, 1,536 bodies were brought to the morgue, according to the U.N. report.

The past summer has seen a startling increase in bloodshed, centered in the capital, after the wave of sectarian violence was sparked by the February bombing of a Shiite shrine in the city of Samarra, north of Baghdad.

The deadliest month was July, when 3,590 people were killed across the country — 2,884 of them in Baghdad, according to the U.N. The number killed countrywide fell in August to 3,009, the U.N. said.

The Health Ministry officials who spoke to the AP did not have September figures for the entire country, only for Baghdad.

Preacher of hate in £250k buy-to-let scandal

From the WTF? file: Abu Hamza Mazri,(On Remand) Just bought himself some Income property. How? Abu was the #1 Islamic Cleric in the UK, before he was sentenced to 7 years for Solicitation of Murder. Coincidentally Britains #2 Islamic Cleric, is also in custody for basically the same thing. I don't spend as much time in Church as I used to, but I don't recall much solicitation of Murder by Priests going on when I did. Unless I missed a meeting, something is amiss. But the what really has me wondering is how this cupcake is allowed to buy property while the the government pays his legal bills, and supports his family in style?

Race hate preacher Abu Hamza secretly bought a house for £220,000 cash while in prison.

At the same time the Islamist extremist was running up a legal aid bill which cost the taxpayer £250,000.
An Evening Standard investigation reveals that the four-bedroom semi in Greenford was until last week rented out to Polish labourers.
Hamza, 48, who preached at the Finsbury-Park mosque, was sentenced to seven years in February for soliciting murder. The house was bought while he was on remand in Belmarsh highsecurity prison.
But his assets are supposed to have been frozen by the Treasury under anti-terrorism sanctions which should have prevented him buying and selling property.
Hamza's family live at the taxpayer's expense in a £600,000, five-bedroom council house in Shepherd's Bush. His wife Najat Chaffe and up to eight children claim a reported £680 a week in benefits.
Hamza's new house in Hicks Avenue was bought, according to Land Registry documents obtained by the Evening Standard, in October 2004.
The purchase of the house was uncovered by investigators working for the Legal Services Commission (LSC), the government body in charge of Britain's £2billion legal aid budget.
The discovery of the house may now enable authorities to claw back at least some of the money spent on Hamza's defence.
The house, built in the 1930s, is now subject to a legal order preventing it being sold without permission of the court. A special hearing was held at the Old Bailey in the summer at which Lord Justice Hughes, who presided over Hamza's trial, ruled the house could not be sold "without the leave of the court".
The order names three people - including Hamza's wife - who "are restrained from dealing with the propertyî until the court determines just how much of the legal defence costs Hamza should have to pay.
The house is registered in the name of Ola Kamel Mostafa, a woman believed to be a relative of Hamza who is understood to live in Egypt where the cleric was born. Hamza's real name is Mostafa Kamel Mostafa.
It was bought a month after the sale in September 2004 of a flat owned by Hamza and registered in his name in Adie Road in Hammersmith, which fetched £228,000.
Hamza made a profit of about £130,000 on the flat which he bought off the council under right-to-buy for £100,000 in 1999.
Ola Kamel Mostafa is named in the court order along with Ms Chaffe, Hamza's second wife and the mother of six of his children, and Mohammed Kamel Mostafa, also thought to be a relative and also thought to be living in Egypt.
The ruling states: "It is ordered that Ola Kamel Mostafa, Najat Chaffe and Mohammed Kamel Mostafa are restrained from dealing with property situated at Hicks Avenue, Greenford, Middlesex, without the leave of the court."
The Land Registry also now carries a warning on the property in Greenford. It states: "Restriction: Under an order of the Central Criminal Court made on 29 June 2006 no disposition by the proprietor of the registered estate is to be registered except under a further order of the court."
The LSC's Special Investigations Unit believes it has uncovered a money trail linking the sale of Hamza's flat in Adie Road to the purchase of the house in Greenford.
Hamza has claimed the flat was owned by one of his sons and that he had no assets.
Neighbours in Hicks Avenue were unaware of the Hamza connection. One said a man named Abdul had introduced himself to residents as the landlord of the property.
He would collect rent once a month from Polish tenants. Neighbours suggested as many as 20 Poles were living in the property at any one time.
They complained of loud music until late at night and a lot of noise coming from the property.
About 10 days ago, the numerous tenants left and the house has remained empty since then.
It is now back on the market with an estate agents based in Shepherd's Bush. It is advertised on the internet as a four bedroom property for £270 a week, either furnished or unfurnished. The Standard posed as prospective tenants for a tour of the property, which has had little sign of investment from its new owner.
The interior is shabby in places, the cramped kitchen is dank and unchanged in decades.
Rubbish is scattered about the front and back gardens. But despite its decorative state, the house remains an extremely shrewd investment and is now worth as much as £260,000.
The estate agent said it would be "easy" to rent out to immigrant workers - even in its current state. The agent said: "There are people who are desperate for somewhere cheap to live in London. There is so much demand for housing in this city.
"I told the owner I could let this in a week, but it is taking a bit longer because people want it redecorated after the last tenants. They left it in a bad way, but a £300 redecoration would sort it.
"I've told the owner that, but they do not want to spend any money. Most landlords are greedy - they buy a place, spend as little as possible doing it up, rent it out for five years before selling it for a profit.
"This owner does not want to pay a management fee - I am just here to find a tenant."
When asked who owned the property, the agent accused the undercover reporter of carrying out "some kind of investigation about the landlord".
He refused to give any details about the owner and ended the tour of the house.
A spokesman for the LSC said investigations into Hamza's finances were ongoing.
A costs hearing will not now take place until Hamza's appeal against his conviction is heard in October.
Should he win the appeal, all Hamza's costs will be paid out of the public purse. Should his conviction be upheld, however, Hamza may then be liable for at least part of his defence.

Militants kill two children of a missionary couple in Pakistan

10 Oct 2006 - Source: Sheraz Khurram Khan - ASSIST News Service

In an horrific incident of Christian persecution on September 1, some unidentified militants slew two children of a missionary couple who is working with At Any Cost Jesus Mission, a underground ministry evangelizing to the Muslim nations.

MUZAFFARABAD, PAKISTAN (ANS) - A press release sent via e-mail to ANS by Any Cost Jesus Mission said that the assailants torched the dead bodies of teenaged children Shalom, 15 and Sharon 14 after murdering them brutally in the northern district of Pakistan.

The teenaged victims according to the press release were secondary school students.

“Shalom and Sharon were kidnapped along with their missionary parents and two other younger sisters 10 days before the murder. The militants asked them to convert to Islam but they refused,” said the press release.

“So the militants killed Shalom first. Then they raped the girl and cut one of her breasts in front of her parents. She too died”, the press release quoted another underground missionary, Habel who it said broke the news to Any Cost Jesus Mission from a hidden place.

“Police and the military forces are backing the militants. Habel and his family was also attacked and their house was burnt but the Lord enabled them to escape to a hidden place. They (militants) also demolished a church and some houses were set on fire too”, the evangelization ministry claimed in the press release.

According to the press release the militants set the motorbike on fire by spraying petrol on it and left the dead bodies in a ditch along with a motorbike.
“The police declared a false statement that it was an accident and the petrol tank of the bike was open when they fell into the ditch and burnt by a spark”, alleged Any Cost Jesus Mission.

The press release said that the believers are living in a grip of fear and trouble following the killing of Shalom and Sharon.

The ministry further claimed in the press release that the militants are not allowing believers to pray.

“They are not even allowed to speak a single word about Christ or Christianity or Christians”, the press release quoted Habel as saying.

The tribal people and their leaders are also being murdered by the terrorists in the Neelum Valley, it said.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tribute to Beslan Russia

Free Video Hosting Watch More Videos

Your account has now been permanently disabled.

In the past 24 hours, YouTube has Suspended Two of my accounts. SpiritofCMartel, and SpiritofMartel. What is most amazing about the 2nd suspension, is that it came without warning, and within 24 hours of my 1st posting. No warnings, no videos removed...Just Instantaneous Banning. The videos that was getting all the attention and comments, "Banned on YouTube" received over 2500 hits, had 8 or 10 honors, and over 130 comments...In less than 24 hours. ???? WTF?


Monday, October 09, 2006

Banned On YouTube!!!

People who cannot build a reasonable argument, or debate logically seem to feel threatened by me. I wonder how long before they get This video yanked. Answer to that question: 23 Hours. In that time it was viewed 2,400 times, got 94 ratings (4 1/2 stars) 8 or 9 honors and 135+ comments. It got me Banned. here it is thank to one of my many friends. He Ya Go.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

CRUSADER18 Original #1 Boortz on "Muslim Outrage"

Neal Boortz has something to say to caller "Will"(A Muslim) about Muslim Outrage, and what Is, and is Not important in the world today. Enjoy, and comment.

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On This Day in 1571: The Battle of Lepanto

(Oct. 7, 1571) Naval engagement between allied Christian forces (Venice, the pope, and Spain) and the Ottoman Turks during an Ottoman campaign to acquire the Venetian island of Cyprus. After four hours of fighting off the coast of Lepanto, Greece, the allies, under Juan de Austria, were victorious, capturing 117 galleys and thousands of men.

Christians and Ottomans fought in the strait between the gulfs of Pátrai and Corinth, off Lepanto (Návpaktos), Greece. The fleet of the Holy League commanded by John of Austria (d. 1578) opposed the Ottoman fleet under Uluç Ali Pasha. The allied fleet (about 200 galleys, not counting smaller ships) consisted mainly of Spanish, Venetian, and papal ships and of vessels sent by a number of Italian states. It carried approximately 30,000 fighting men. The Ottoman fleet Consisted of 220-230 Galleys. The battle ended with the virtual destruction of the Ottoman navy (except 40 galleys, with which Uluç Ali escaped). Approximately 30,000 Turks were slain or captured, some 10,000 Christian galley slaves were liberated, and much booty was taken. The victors, however, lost over 7,000 men. Among the allied wounded was Cervantes, who lost the use of his left arm.

Lepanto was the first major Ottoman defeat by the Christian powers, and Rout by the Christian Navies, led by Don Juan, ended the myth of Ottoman naval invincibility.

Violent Muslim/Non-Muslim Clashes in the UK

From: The Standard

Race clashes hit Windsor

Extra police are being drafted into the Windsor area today after three nights of violent clashes between white and Asian youths.

Gangs have fought battles in the streets using baseball bats and pitchforks. A Muslim-run dairy which wants to build a mosque was petrol bombed.

Dozens of officers have been deployed to stop and search youths and mounted police are being brought in.

The Queen usually spends weekends at Windsor Castle and no decision has yet been taken over whether she would change her plans. A senior source said: "We are aware of what is happening and all appropriate security measures are in place."

Tensions have been growing between residents and the owners of the dairy, who have applied to convert an office building into a mosque for their workers.

Despite a lack of planning permission to use Technor House as a place of worship, workers and visitors have been praying there.

Violence flared for the first time on Monday outside the building in Vale Road in the Dedworth area of Windsor.

There was an altercation between a teenage boy and dairy staff during prayers. It escalated and the windows of several vehicles were smashed.

Amid claims that the boy, his mother and teenage sister were assaulted, up to 50 young people clashed on Tuesday night.

Windows of the makeshift mosque and dairy vehicles were smashed. Residents said gangs of Asian youths travelled from Slough to fight the white gang. One youth was reportedly arrested for carrying a 12-inch knife.

Dairy manager Sikander Khan, 50, said the 50 predominantly Asian workers at the dairy were now worried about their safety.

The firebomb attack took place on Wednesday night. Mr Khan said: "The youths threw a petrol bomb at us.

"The flames damaged the front of the building, but we were able to put it out with a fire extinguisher. Workers are fearful now because we are under attack."

Nearby, one hooded youth claimed the problems had started after the previous owners, Express Dairies, left.

The 17-year-old said: "I've been here all my life and there were no problems with the old owners, they used to give us milk and stuff.

"We have had a couple of fights with this lot before, but now they're taking it seriously. We want them out of Dedworth."

Police stopped cars full of white youths and searched them as other officers photographed and videoed them. Several youths hurled racist abuse at the dairy from their cars as police looked on.

A woman living nearby, who did not want to be named, said the trouble started on Monday.

The following night numbers on both sides had swelled and there was largescale brawling.

"On Monday three young lads, about 15 or so, were in Shirley Avenue when the men came out of prayers and attacked them with pitchforks, baseball bats and iron bars," she said. "Whether they were provoked or not I don't know.

"I'm worried that if they allow the mosque things will get worse."

Other residents said that late-night noise from the dairy was driving them out of their homes and they feared a mosque would make things worse.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: "We are investigating incidents of disorder and criminal damage on Monday and Tuesday nights.

"These have involved groups of predominantly white and Asian teenagers. As a result of the disorder one business and at least five vehicles have been damaged."

He added: "We will monitor the situation and are working with the community, the business and the local authority to prevent further disorder."

A 16-year-old boy arrested on Tuesday night was charged with possessing an offensive weapon. There were two other arrests, including one for common assault, and 22 people have been searched by police. Three youths are in custody today after the petrol bomb attack.

The unrest came the day after David Cameron waded into the debate over multiculturalism, saying there could be no place for communities living "parallel lives" in Britain.

Earlier this week the Queen gave permission to convert a room at Windsor castle into a prayer room.

The room in the Saxon Tower allows Nagina Chaudhry, who works in the castle gift shops, to carry out the halfhour lunchtime prayer which is required of all Muslims during Ramadan.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The NY Times does a Fluff piece about Jihad porn on the Net

October 6, 2006
Anti-U.S. Attack Videos Spread on Web
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5 — Videos showing insurgent attacks against American troops in Iraq, long available in Baghdad shops and on Jihadist Web sites, have steadily migrated in recent months to popular Internet video-sharing sites, including YouTube and Google Video.

Many of the videos, showing sniper attacks against Americans and roadside bombs exploding under American military vehicles, have been posted not by insurgents or their official supporters but apparently by Internet users in the United States and other countries, who have passed along videos found elsewhere.

Among the scenes being viewed daily by thousands of users of the sites are sniper attacks in which Americans are felled by snipers as a camera records the action and of armored Humvees or other military vehicles being hit by roadside bombs.

In some videos, the troops do not appear to have been seriously injured; in one, titled “Sniper Hit” and posted on YouTube by a user named 69souljah, a serviceman is knocked down by a shot but then gets up to seek cover. Other videos, however, show soldiers bleeding on the ground, vehicles exploding and troops being loaded onto medical evacuation helicopters.

At a time when the Bush administration has restricted photographs of the coffins of military personnel returning to the United States and the Pentagon keeps close tabs on videotapes of combat operations taken by the news media, the videos give average Americans a level of access to combat scenes rarely available before, if ever.

Their availability has also produced some backlash. In recent weeks, YouTube has removed dozens of the videos from its archives and suspended the accounts of some users who have posted them, a reaction, it said, to complaints from other users.

More than four dozen videos of combat in Iraq viewed by The New York Times have been removed in recent days, many after The Times began inquiries.

But many others remain, some labeled in Arabic, making them difficult for American users to search for. In addition, new videos, often with the same material that had been deleted elsewhere, are added daily.

Russell K. Terry, a Vietnam veteran who founded the Iraq War Veterans Organization, said he had mixed feelings about the videos.

“It’s unfortunate there’s no way to stop it,” Mr. Terry said, even though “this is what these guys are over there fighting for: freedom of speech.”

One YouTube user, who would not identify himself other than by his account name, facez0fdeath, and his location, in Britain, said by e-mail that he posted a video of a sniper attack “because I felt it was information the U.K. news was unwilling to tell.”

“I was physically sickened upon seeing it,” he said, adding, “I am wholly opposed to any form of censorship.”

The video he posted, which had been viewed more than 33,000 times, was removed earlier this week.

Another YouTube user, who said he was a 19-year-old in Istanbul and who posted more than 40 videos of Iraq violence, said via e-mail that “anti-war feelings and Muslim beliefs (the religion of peace) motivates me.”

Neal O. Newbill, a freshman at the University of Memphis who viewed some of the YouTube videos and posted comments on them, said in an interview that he was enraged by the recorded chants of “Allahu Akbar,” Arabic for “God is great,” that follow some of the sniper attacks.

But Mr. Newbill added that he was awed by the size of the blasts from the improvised explosive devices, or I.E.D.’s, used against American vehicles. A son, nephew and grandson of American veterans, Mr. Newbill said he had sought out the videos, searching on YouTube for “I.E.D.,” “because I like watching stuff blow up.”

The Web sites also contain a growing number of video clips taken by American soldiers. One shows the view from the back of a truck containing several members of a platoon, whose vehicle then hits an I.E.D. and is turned on its side. A few videos also show American servicemen or private security guards firing at attackers, and one shows an American rocket-propelled grenade hitting a building from which insurgents are firing.

A spokesman for United States Central Command, which oversees troops in Iraq, said the military was aware of the use of common Internet sites by both insurgent groups and American military personnel.

“Centcom is aware we are facing an adaptive enemy that uses the Internet as a force multiplier and as a means of connectivity,” Maj. Matt McLaughlin, the spokesman, said by e-mail.

While posting of Web logs, pictures and videos by American troops is subject to military regulations, Major McLauglin said, “Al Qaeda uses the Internet and media to foster the perception that they are more capable than they are.”

Some of the videos are obvious propaganda, with Arabic subtitles and accompanying music, while others simply have scenes without sound or graphics. They appear to be real, though the results of attacks are not always clear.

One frequently posted video shows individual photographs of several hundred American soldiers allegedly killed by a Baghdad sniper referred to as Juba. But a television news report from the German weekly Der Spiegel that also has been posted on the video sites shows an interview with one American soldier whom the insurgent group claimed to have killed but whose protective vest stopped the sniper’s bullet.

Geoffrey D. W. Wawro, director of the Center for the Study of Military History at the University of North Texas and a former instructor at the United States Naval War College, said the erosion of the command structure of terrorist and insurgent groups had led them to increase their reliance on the Internet and videos to gain recruits.

American troops, too, have always sent snapshots home from the front, Mr. Wawro said, and digital pictures and video are simply a new incarnation of that.

“This is how the new generation does things,” he said.

“It results in a continued trivialization of combat and its effects,” Mr. Wawro added, “but no one feels completely comfortable saying, Don’t do it.”

YouTube does feel comfortable saying so, however, as does Google Video. Both have user guidelines that prohibit the posting of videos with graphic violence, a measure that spokeswomen for each service said was violated by many of the Iraq videos.

Julie Supan, senior director of marketing for YouTube, said the company removed videos after they were flagged by users as having inappropriate content and were reviewed by the video service.

In an e-mail message, Ms. Supan said that among the videos removed were those that “display graphic depictions of violence in addition to any war footage (U.S. or other) displayed with intent to shock or disgust, or graphic war footage with implied death (of U.S. troops or otherwise).”

David Gelles and Omar Fekeiki contributed reporting from Berkeley, Calif.

This is the Michelle Malkin Video

This video was banned by the YouTube community.(The YT Jihadists)
It is Our Rights that are being violated by the Jihadists. it is time the rest of us spoke as one, and said grow up, assimilate into our culture, or leave the west.

This is your brain...

This is your brain on Isamic Jihad...

Any Questions?

Extremists planned mass Prague murders:

[WHO DOUBTS THEM ANY MORE? When will enough be enough?]

PRAGUE (Reuters) -

Islamic extremists planned to kidnap dozens of Jews in Prague and hold them hostage before murdering them, the daily Mlada Fronta Dnes reported on Friday.

The Czech Republic's leading newspaper quoted unidentified sources close to intelligence agencies as saying the captives would have been held in a Prague synagogue while the captors made broad demands that they knew could not be fulfilled.

When those demands -- which were not specified by the sources -- were not met, the extremists would blow up the building, killing all who were inside, the paper added.

The paper, which gave other few details, did not say whether any arrests were made and did not specify the identities of the extremists.

On September 23 the government deployed armed guards around dozens of buildings and on the streets in the Czech capital after security services issued a warning that an unspecified attack was imminent.

Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek and government officials have since refused to divulge details of what kind of attack they feared in Prague.

"I am not authorized to provide any information in this case," the paper quoted Topolanek as saying when asked about the information given by the sources.

"Concurrent with the government decision, I only continue to insist that the measures and the extent of information supplied to the public were, and are in proportion to the information obtained (by intelligence officials) and to the threat."

The Czech Republic has a small military unit in Afghanistan and military police instructors in Iraq.

Prague's Old Town is the location for the Jewish Quarter where thousands of tourists -- many of them Jews -- flock to see centuries-old synagogues and graves.

The country's once-flourishing Jewish community was decimated during World War Two.

Prague has not been a target of terrorist attacks in the past, although strict security precautions were taken several years ago to protect the downtown headquarters of U.S. government-funded Radio Free Europe.

Wafa Sultan: Cracks in the Wall

Wafa Sultan is a Brave woman. Here's another great interview with her.

Muslims are waging civil war against us, claims police union

Radical Muslims in France's housing estates are waging an undeclared "intifada" against the police, with violent clashes injuring an average of 14 officers each day.

As the interior ministry said that nearly 2,500 officers had been wounded this year, a police union declared that its members were "in a state of civil war" with Muslims in the most depressed "banlieue" estates which are heavily populated by unemployed youths of north African origin.

It said the situation was so grave that it had asked the government to provide police with armoured cars to protect officers in the estates, which are becoming no-go zones.

The number of attacks has risen by a third in two years. Police representatives told the newspaper Le Figaro that the "taboo" of attacking officers on patrol has been broken.

Instead, officers – especially those patrolling in pairs or small groups – faced attacks as soon as they tried to arrest locals.

Senior officers insisted that the problem was essentially criminal in nature, with crime bosses on the estates fighting back against tough tactics.

Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy was warned of an 'intifada'

The interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, who is also the leading centre-Right candidate for the presidency, has sent heavily equipped units into areas with orders to regain control from drug smuggling gangs and other organised crime rings. Such aggressive raids were "disrupting the underground economy in the estates", one senior official told Le Figaro.

However, not all officers on the ground accept that essentially secular interpretation. Michel Thoomis, the secretary general of the hardline Action Police trade union, has written to Mr Sarkozy warning of an "intifada" on the estates and demanding that officers be given armoured cars in the most dangerous areas.

He said yesterday: "We are in a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists. This is not a question of urban violence any more, it is an intifada, with stones and Molotov cocktails. You no longer see two or three youths confronting police, you see whole tower blocks emptying into the streets to set their 'comrades' free when they are arrested."

He added: "We need armoured vehicles and water cannon. They are the only things that can disperse crowds of hundreds of people who are trying to kill police and burn their vehicles."

However, Gerard Demarcq, of the largest police unions, Alliance, dismissed talk of an "intifada" as representing the views of only a minority.

Mr Demarcq said that the increased attacks on officers were proof that the policy of "retaking territory" from criminal gangs was working.

Mayors in the worst affected suburbs, which saw weeks of riots and car-burning a year ago, have expressed fears of a vicious circle, as attacks by locals lead the police to harden their tactics, further increasing resentment.

As if to prove that point, there were angry reactions in the western Paris suburb of Les Mureaux following dawn raids in search of youths who attacked a police unit on Sunday. The raids led to one arrest. They followed clashes on Sunday night when scores of youths attacked seven officers who had tried to arrest a man for not wearing his seat belt while driving. That driver refused to stop, and later rammed a police car trying to block his path.

The mayor of Les Mureaux, Francois Garay, criticised aggressive police tactics that afterwards left "the people on the ground to pick up the pieces".

3 Days in Israel

The Video that was just removed from my user account, Still available on YouTube. A Tragic look at life though the eyes of Israelis.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hamas leader killed as factions step up violence

West Bank
October 5, 2006

THREE masked men have shot and killed a Hamas leader who was leaving a mosque in the West Bank.

Yesterday's shooting came a day after gunmen from a rival Palestinian faction threatened to kill senior Hamas members.

Witnesses said gunmen in the village of Hableh jumped out of a vehicle and shot Mohammed Odeh, 37, as he left the mosque after dawn prayers. The men then sped off.

Fatah officials in the nearby town of Qalqilya denied involvement and blamed Israel. Local Hamas officials said that they did not know who was behind the shooting.

Witnesses said the vehicle had Israeli licence plates. Cars with such plates are not uncommon in some Palestinian cities in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli military denied involvement.

Mr Odeh, described as a local leader of Hamas, died on the way to hospital, ambulance workers said.

The shooting occurred a day after the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed faction of Fatah, threatened in a statement to kill senior Hamas leaders.

The violence this week in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank was the worst internal bloodshed to occur since the Palestinian Authority was created in 1994 under interim peace accords with Israel.

The clashes followed stalled efforts by Hamas and Fatah to form a unity government to try to revive Western aid.

Bobblehead Muhammed?

Well, we've seen Muslims Riot over far less than this, haven't we? As I have said there will be more "Outrages" committed against the Religion of Perpetual outrage, until they change their ways. That's just how it's going to be. Guess what? We no longer Care what Muslims like or dislike...They've Lost that privilege, along with our respect. Now, it's all about the Non-Muslim Intifada. Get used to the exposure Islam, because it's going to get a lot worse. Sharia is Legal Slaughter, and a license to Oppress Women and Minorities. Muslim "extremists" Kill hundreds a day, so We get to ridicule Islam and shame Muslims. Someday, maybe "moderate" Muslims will stop Rioting over Cartoons, Bobble-head dolls and the Pope, and start rioting over Islamic Terrorism.


A ceramic bobblehead doll of the Prophet Muhammed - created to resemble the infamous caricature published by a Danish newspaper - is being hawked online for $22.99 a pop by an ex-Marine.
The unapologetic creator, Timothy Ames, 28, said the bobblehead is similar to "dashboard Jesus" figurines that can be stuck with adhesive to flat surfaces. "I thought, 'If they flipped out over some cartoons what will they do with a dashboard Muhammed?'" Ames said from his home in Hawaii. [Good question Tim...They're on their way.]
But Islamic experts are not amused, saying the bobbleheads could anger Muslims, whose religion strictly prohibits depictions of the prophet.[ So sad that it's full of ambiguity about Terrorism, Murder, etc...]

"No depiction of the prophet, even if it is positive, should be made ever - and certainly not one as ridiculous as the bobblehead Muhammed," said Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, an assistant professor at New York University. "I don't think it's about freedom of speech. This is the freedom to insult, which he shouldn't be doing." [Wrong again dickhead.(sorry) They've done it to the Jews, They've done it to the Christians...Hey Muslims! It's Your turn in Barrel now.]

Ames said several hundred people have purchased the dolls online, and he has paid a Chinese manufacturer to create 1,000 more. "I just think it's funny," he said. [Actually it hilarious!!!]

Violent protests erupted last winter across the Muslim world after a Danish newspaper published cartoons lampooning the Prophet Muhammed as a suicide bomber. Many European papers reprinted the cartoons. [So do we.]

"People who get p----d off about this, they're going to get p----d off regardless," Ames, a baptized Christian, said. [This, That, The other thing...Who cares as long as Muslims get to riot, burn churches, rape, murder, and generally look like jack-asses. I wonder what next months riots will be about? I hope it's me...Let it be me.]

The sophomoric Web site where Ames, using the pen name "Filthy," sells the bobbleheads also features a collection of scattered rants. In one, he writes: "I'm really not into slamming people just for their religion. Most of the stupid people I've met are stupid despite their religion, not because of it."

Frank Peters, a professor in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at NYU, warned that a bobblehead Muhammed was "a really bad idea." [Deliciously Bad}

"Jews and Christians have gotten used to this kind of thing, but Muslims haven't," he said. "This may not be his intention, but these things have consequences." [Yeah, ain't it cool?]