Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Question Of The Spanish Inquisition: Debate with a Muslim

Following is my answer to a Muslim on Youtube to certain accusations and statements regarding my own statements on My YouTube profile's 'About me' section. It starts with a friendly "Hello" from someone named

sajukar wrote:
u r a lyer crusader18 and the fact is 500.000 peopels were killed in the spanish inquisision
and you nazi loudmouths never learn
and on side note wow yor racist
oh and the spanish still celebrate the inquistion.

My response:
Welcome to the Buzzsaw "retard =)" ,
First, a word of advise...You shouldn't put yourself down by signing you comments as 'retard=)'. It not only demeans the mentally challenged, but you as well...and that's MY job. As usual I have facts and sources and you will respond with nothing at all but, here we go anyway..."No major court in Europe executed fewer people than the Spanish Inquisition. This was a time, after all, when damaging shrubs in a public garden in London carried the death penalty. Across Europe, executions were everyday events. But not so with the Spanish Inquisition. In its 350-year lifespan only about 4,000 people were put to the stake"...."The inescapable conclusion is that, by the standards of its time, the Spanish Inquisition was positively enlightened."
"Because it was both professional and efficient, the Spanish Inquisition kept very good records. Vast archives are filled with them. These documents were kept secret, so there was no reason for scribes to do anything but accurately record every action of the Inquisition. They are a goldmine for modern historians who have plunged greedily into them. Thus far, the fruits of that research have made one thing abundantly clear-the myth of the Spanish Inquisition has nothing at all to do with the real thing."

Also, you called me a racist...Am I now? OK 'retard=)' (if that's your real name) Point to the post! Point to the comment! You are just flailing around in the dark here. Wait. I have an Idea...why don't you, Argeelah, notorious786, abumustafa,abujaffir,persianguy,believer19,ghalil...and anyone else you can get to help you search YouTube and find a single instance of me making a RACIST comment. As I said in the response to your Lie posted on my profile, I deal in facts. Apparently you lack evidence to back up your wild claim so you have resorted to ad-hominem attacks on my person. Too bad you didn't research That either. You are a Fool and you waste my time with you babble. Go to school, learn how to spell, learn history...Then listen instead of opening your mouth and showing the world what a fool you are.
BTW- Im waiting for a single shred of evidence to back up any of the claims you made against me,

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sajukar said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh my god you are so stupid I laugh at your pitiful and disgusting way of trying to make fun of me ha ha ha I cant stop laughing. I thought you were just stupid know because you know most of your information is so untrue that you have had to go and lie about emails people have sent you. you are sad and I thought about pitting you but I don't think you deserve it.