Thursday, June 22, 2006

Myth of the Iraqi Body Count: A Response To FeroozJan

The Following is a response to a YouTube subscriber named 'FeroozJan'. It is detailed and my sources are fully vetted. I have used the figures from a left-wing website, ' and my hope is that someday, people will wake up to the truth of all this...Read on!

Welcome to Jersey Jan... Now, this is gonna 'pinch' a little so...Think of cute and fuzzy bunnys.
Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq on July 16, 1979 and was deposed in April of 2003. Over that twenty-four year period, Saddam Hussein killed between 600,000 and 1,000,000 Iraqis and was responsible for the deaths of over 700,000 Iranians and Kuwaitis. Utilizing only the Iraqi numbers, this is an average of between 25,260 and 42,108 people a year, or between 2105 and 3509 Iraqi citizens a month.

Bodycount since we entered Iraq to liberate it from Saddam-37918min. 42288max
If Saddam had remained in power for those 36 months, between 75,780 and 126,324 Iraqis would have died - children starved in prisons, dissidents fed through industrial shredders, women strangled after visits to rape rooms all to be eventually reunited in remote mass graves. Using the maximum credible figures available:
126,324 - 42288= 84,036
Today, as many as eighty four thousand Iraqis are alive (and free and voting) because of American policy. I guess that doesnt interest Muslims because they believe in the 'vote once' then Islamic Dictatorship method of 'democracy'. Since the fall of Baghdad the U.S. has been directly responsible for only 3.8% of fatalities reported, as many deaths over three years as Saddam averaged in 10 days. The only way to describe the actions of the U.S. Military in its role of "occupier" is a compassionate and careful army that avoids collateral damage despite its dangerous mandate to hunt for terrorists and non-uniformed combatants hidden within the civilian population. It is nothing short of miraculous that our Armed Forces have been able to eliminate as many terrorists and enemy combatants as they have with so little actual collateral damage. Many seasoned military men, in fact, bemoan the increased danger such modern warfare represents. A reasonable argument can be made that mixing warfare and compassion is not wise, but under no circumstances can American warriors be faulted for lacking compassion.
Dead Sudanese are a statistic. Dead Iraqis before the war are a memory. Dead civilians in Iraq today are an exhilarating opportunity for people like you to undermine American liberty, power and society. But your falsehoods cannot stand in the light of day.
The Iraq Body Count project analysis of casualties in the Iraq War that must be admired for its meticulous documentation. But a curious statistical anomaly jumps right off page one: over 81% of the civilian casualties are men. Even stranger, over 90% of civilian casualties are adults in a country with a disproportionate percentage of the population under 18 (44.5%). What does this tell you?
Collateral damage does not differentiate between male and female, between child and adult. A defective smart bomb falling in a marketplace, stray bullets ripping through bedroom walls, city warfare in Fallujah - all these activities should produce casualties that reflect the ratio of men to women or adults to children that prevail in Iraq as a whole.
So why so many adult male 'non-combatants'? This question is particularly relevant when one side in the conflict does not wear uniforms, is predominantly adult and of one gender, and engages in a practice of concealing its combatants within the civilian population. What the statistics , when read properly point to is; The Vast majority of 'civillian' casualties are in fact Fedayeen, who are being mis-labeled as civillians.(Dead Terrorist=Civillian) I told you it would 'pinch', I didnt say I would be using pliers though.
Have fun Trying to repudiate the facts FeroozJan,

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