Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Open Letter to Ahmed Bedier

Director of Communications for the Council on American Islamic Relations

Ahmed Bedier,

What are you up to, and why were your stooges smiling in their mugshots?
What nice looking young men right? No way those were PIPE BOMBS in their possession as they were apprehended speeding towards a Naval Base in SC...(Actually, They Were)

What is your plan, to make it a crime to report a suspicious character, or (God Forbid) stop a Muslim from committing a terrorist act? (Which in all likelihood is what just happened in South Carolina.) We understand that the vast majority of Muslims aren't terrorists, but that isn't stopping the ones who Are from killing innocents, and it's time you directed your outrage, and connivance at Them, and not the country to which as a citizen, you have pledged allegiance to. We wont allow our congress to change our laws to afford Muslims special privileges. You misjudge America if you believe that. Just as Americans blocked the passage of the "Amnesty Bill", we will block passage of any bill that makes it a crime to ridicule those who deserve it, and report, arrest, and prosecute those who would attack us on our soil.
I hope those two men you sent on your errand are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and are imprisoned for a very long time. Then, you may hold them up as "martyrs", and let their suffering eat at your conscience for the rest of your life. These men were in this country as guests of America, why were they approaching a U.S. Naval Base with explosives? Everyone must assimilate into American culture or be condemned to live here in exile. You, by your action, condemn Muslims to that fate Bedier. By separating Muslims from the fabric and culture that made us great, you exile them in their own country. You doom Islam in America by your actions, and the sooner your CAIR is marginalized, the better for all.(Especially American Muslims)

No Salutation,

A First Generation American

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