Sunday, August 26, 2007

Terrorism Strikes India Again

India suffers from yet another coordinated terror bombing, and officials in Hyderabad can only guess who is responsible. Tensions between Hindus and Muslims are such that either side might have done this.
Indian officials are still trying to sort this out. Other recent bombings in India have been blamed on Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, (Army of the Pure) one of more than a dozen Islamic insurgent groups fighting to oust India from Muslim-majority Kashmir. Pakistan has denied charges of training and supporting the militants.

Indian media reports, quoting unnamed security officials, named the Bangladesh-based Harkatul Jihad Al-Islami organization. Harkatul, which is banned in Bangladesh, wants to establish strict Islamic rule in the Muslim-majority nation governed by secular laws. Bangladesh's Foreign Ministry said Dhaka had not been informed of the allegations.

Meanwhile, though only two bombs actually detonated, killing at least 42 and wounding another 60 or so, authorities also found explosives at 16 other locations in and near Hyderabad, said Y.S.R. Reddy, chief minister of Andhra Pradesh state. Was this only a part of what was to be a much larger attack? Last year Lashkar-e-Tayyaba attacked 7 commuter trains in Mumbai, India, so to speculate that they might be involved is a pretty short putt.
With all that has transpired over the last decade, with all we have witnessed from "The Religion of Peace", how can we give them the benefit of the doubt? How do intelligent people look beyond prior attacks that establish a pattern and the fact that Islamic Jihad has stayed true to it, and wait for evidence that provides proof of Islam's guilt or innocence in this attack.
It is a case of "Cry Wolf", and too late for reconciliation in the case of Islam. No other ideology that embraced such extreme violence has ever been so universally accepted in history...Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Thuggism, all extremist doctrines, and None with the traction that Islam has. But now, a growing minority of people are educating themselves, and then others to the threat the ideology poses. Also, a increasingly globalized media has made it more and more difficult to conceal atrocities, so now when we see a restaurant bombing, or a school massacre...A shooting spree at a mall, or a suicide bombing, the reaction is automatic. We don't know who did this yet, but which is the likely answer to this mystery? Will you be shocked to find that Muslims did this?

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