Thursday, July 06, 2006

Remembrance Of The Attack On London 7/7/05

One year ago today, Mohammad Sidique Khan,Germaine Lindsay, Shahzad Tanweer and Hasib Hussain Suicide Bombed the London public transport system during the morning rush hour. At 8:50AM Khan, Lindsey and Tanweer attacked 3 different London Undergroud trains within one minute of each other. Approximately one hour later at 9:47AM, Hasib Hussain detonated his bomb on a bus in Tavistock Square, completing the Coordinated Suicide Attacks. Fifty-two people were killed in the attacks, including the four bombers, and about 700 injured, making this the deadliest Terror Attack in the UK since the 1988 Islamic Terror Bombing of Pan Am Flt. 103 over Lockerbie Scotland.

The Independant has an interesting article published yesterday, that should be read by all. The most disturbing part of the article IMO was the state of denial of one of the Bombers families..."The Hussains' struggle to accept that Hasib blew up the bus has been compounded by telephone conversations they have had in the past 12 months with conspiracy theorists who claim the London attacks were a "black psy-ops" mission organised by the security services to test London's defences, or to foment anti-Muslim feeling."

Our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones in the attacks, and to quote a man I hate..."America feels your pain", because we too have suffered. Now, to add insult to grievous injury, Britain is forced also to contend with conspirists who will go to any length to place doubt in the minds of the victims families, and blame for the attacks on the British Government and Tony Blair. Sound Familiar? This broken record has been skipping over the same track for almost 5 years here in America, and now Britain, the Star of the Sea is also no longer immune to this Conspiracy Theory insanity. I was a physical Eyewitness to 9/11 WTC, I tasted the dust of the Twin Towers in my mouth, I breathed the smoke. It is an Insult to the memories of the dead 1st and foremost and also to our individual intelligence to propagate these Myths and it is my deepest desire to be there at the seminal moment of one of these travesties so that I might intervene. I want to be standing by as a 190lb. 'fly on the wall' as the theory is hatched so that I might understand this lunacy, so that I might help the conspirists overcome their lunacy and see the light of reason, and logic.

Sometimes the badguys really Do wear black hats and talk with funny accents. Sometimes they even Videotape themselves as they explain what they intend to do, as in This Case, The Bombers Confessed Before The Fact On Videotape! I want to be in that coffeeshop or college cafe just once when it starts, so that I may raise my voice and just say NO! Stop It!
07/07/06 America Remembers our Brothers and Sisters in the UK and our Sympathies go out to you.
1.1 Liverpool Street/ Aldgate Circle line train: 7 victims and bomber

1.2 Edgware Road tube station: 6 victims and bomber

1.3 Piccadilly line train (King's Cross St Pancras / Russell Square): 26 victims and bomber

1.4 Tavistock Square bus: 13 victims and bomber

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