Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Monkey See... Monkey Doo-Doo

It's getting to the point where the "Tiny Extremist Minority" is taking up the entire front page of the world's newspapers.
This new developement with Hezbollah Invading Israel and kidnapping Israeli Soldiers is a prime example of what happens when you give in to terrorism. Here's-- the news story
Hassan Nasrallah and Hezbollah have been a thorn in the side of peace for far too long now, I think it's time that thorn was taken out. Kaled Mashal and Hamas also. This Monkey Crap is just escalation of a war started by Arabs 1400 years ago, and they could'nt care Less about Peace. If Israel didn't exist, it would be Andulus or India, or Swe...Oh, wait, This Monkey Crap is already Happening in those places too. And to use a term coined by my friend Bamapachyderm the ones "Flinging Poo" will Never Stop. We must stand together against these Ghouls and say ENOUGH! The EU will draft a "strong letter" and that's about it. Kofi Anan will "condemn the violent Israelis" and that's about it. We need to stand up now and say Enough of this Monkey Crap. We have seen enough to know this has gone too far. Enough.


Aura™ said...

I agree, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I've been watching a lot of excellent documentaries on the Discovery Channels: Discovery Time and Discovery Military Channels. A whole lot of eye-opening, TRUTHFUL reporting. It's just great to finally see the Discovery Channel living up to it's name. Discover the truth, people. Wake-up. Tune in to the Discovery Channel.

Aura™ said...

BTW, great link, Crusader.