Monday, October 19, 2009

Haven't blogged much

The past 2 years have been busy, so I apologize for not maintaining my blog. At this point blogging (to me anyway) has become the equivalent of Nero's fiddle. Rome is burning for sure, just listen to the news, or watch PBS news, and you will see the pardigms shift from "We hate G.W Bush" to "We Still hate G.W Bush but look how brilliant our engenue POTUS is, and look how well "Hope and Change" has worked for Him personally." "Hope and Change"(mere campaign slogans) and a bit of skillfull telepromter reading has earned Barack Hussien Obama(we can use "Hussein" now, because he finally admits to his Muslim heritage) a Nobel peace prize, which surely marks the low point in the history of the prize considering the fact that Mohandas Ghandi was nominated 5 times without ever receiving one. The lastest fire set in our "Shining city on a hill" has been the Afghanistan situation in which we have a cabinet filled with leftwing college professors advising a weak and indecisive dove of an executive to ignore the warnings and requests of his commander on the ground in that war theatre about the resources he requires to win the fight. With winter coming to Afghanistan, there will be a pause which the Taliban will use to consolidate their positions of strength, and expand their areas of influence. This is the time when Gen. McCristal's requested troop surge would be able to deny this ground to the Taliban. What is certain is that The Taliban has a better war-plan than Barack Obama does. That matters to the entire world, and in the big picture, the world will be much better off with a mildy corrupt Karzai government, than it will with a resurgent Taliban.


Peter said...

Hi, saw your tube vid, from an educated point of view I have to agree with your opinions about Mohammedanism, however wtf are american young man doing when they die in road side bommed Afghanistan? Only thing good coming from that place is the hashies. Btw I am from Holland and dunno if you seen any news about that little country, with the recent city counsel elections and upcoming national elections a right side shift becomes apparent. Them are all around us now and I speak from an educated view as pointed above and from my own experience. They r no good, poor brainwashed people that are like rabid dogs. Cannot be safed or reasoned with. yesterday my todler son was allmost run over and as a bonus i got the insult. I am a reasonable an reasonably big guy so they stay out of reach, but its tipping point here!

mrcombi said...

Go right ahead and think a people who believe the perfect example for all mankind, Mohammad the liar, manipulative, mass murderer, child rapist, and slave trader can be consoled and behave like decent human beings. Go right ahead and fall for the biggest hoax ever conceived and be like the millions that have fallen prey to the most hellish nightmare man has ever seen. Go right ahead, but don't stoop to an even lower level and dupe people into your fatal folly.

CRUSADER said...

Hey MrCombi, Why don't you get a life?