Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hijab Wearing Bank Robber In N.C.

HIDDENITE, N.C. -- Police are investigating an unusual robbery in Hiddenite.

Someone dressed in a burgundy burka walked into the People’s Bank at 3:45 p.m. Tuesday (October 16, 2007), showed the teller a handgun and demanded money.

The robber then took off down N.C. 90 in a burgundy sport utility vehicle.

Authorities are looking into whether this bank robbery can be connected to one in Morganton.

An androgynously dressed person held up a bank there last week.

Officers aren’t sure whether they’re looking for a man or a woman in either case.

Police also think there is a good chance the burka burglar is working with at least one other person, a getaway driver.

Hat Tip: Mosque Watch


bernie said...

Just FYI, I linked to your story from Philly Cop Killed: Time to Ban the Burqa

seansmom said...

Ban the burka? How will Bush and his neo con jew bosse's get around town without being caught and strung up like Mussolini?