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Holy Shiite: Asshats, Moonbats and Eurabia

Use sparingly or for extra credit use sparringly. Your call:

Little Green Footballs Dictionary Here.

The following is a partial list of definitions of familiar terms which I've been known to use across our great wWw. For the full list and links to additional glossaries, go to LGF above.

Aloha Snackbar - Absurdist parody of the Islamic prayer "Allah Ackbar" (meaning "God is greater"). Occasionally used mockingly by commenters to poke fun at Islamic fundamentalists who have revealed their incompetence or irrationality.

asshat - An aggressive idiot who insists on expounding foolish opinions (usually of an extreme-leftist nature). Presumably either derived from a combination of "asshole" and "tin foil hat"; or indicating someone who has put his head so far up his own ass that he's wearing it as a hat. First originated in Europe ca. 2000. [First documented use on LGF: 7/18/2002 01:57PM PST] .

demonrats - Insulting term for Democrats, comparing them to both demons and rats. Frequently used by radio host Michael Savage, though it likely did not originate with him. LGFer Malleus Dei claims to have accidentally coined it in a posting he made on Free Republic several years ago. (However, I use my variation more often: Demonicrats. And I might add I started using Demonicrats well before coming across demonrats here or anywhere).

Dhimmi Carter - Insulting nickname for former President Carter, substituting Dhimmi for Jimmy. He earned the nickname by allowing Islamic fundamentalism to gain ascendancy during his watch (in Iran in 1979) and for not seeing through the lies of Arafat during the Arab-Israeli negotiations that led to Carter getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

dhimmi - Ancient Islamic term referring to the second-class citizenship imposed on non-Muslims living in a Muslim state.

dhimmitude - The state of being a dhimmi. Commonly credited as being coined by writer B'at Yeor (no later than 1991, and possibly even earlier).

Eurabia - Sacrastic and pessimistic name for Europe, based on the observation that Muslim immigration and population growth -- coupled with European appeasement of Muslim cultural demands -- will eventually lead the continent to become an Islamic Caliphate. Popularized by writer B'at Yeor in her 2005 book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis.

FOAD - Fuck Off And Die. Common Internet slang dating back to the early days of the Web in the '90s and BBSs in the '80s.

hat tip - An acknowledgment (by the moderator of a blog or bulletin board) that someone has provided the source or inspiration for a topic of discussion. Its use probably pre-dates the Internet, since tipping hats to acknowledge acquaintances dates back at least to the 19th century.

Hildebeast - Insulting nickname for Hillary Clinton. Coined by talk-show host Neal Boortz during the Clinton administration. (Although I seem to always use Hilabeast. Kooky me.)

Holy Shiite - A sarcastic exclamation of dismay, usually in relation to some event involving Islamic extremists. A combination of "Holy Shit" and "Shiite," a member of the Shia branch of Islam. (Also influenced by "shite," the Cockney spelling and pronounciation of "shit.")

HWSNBN - He Who Shall Not Be Named. A euphemism used for discussing an especially disliked former commenter named Ranbutan without having to actually use his name. After Ranbutan stopped posting on LGF, the phrase He Who Shall Not Be Named was sometimes later used to refer to radio pundit Michael Savage, probably because he frequently complains on air how he is ignored by the media, and because the very mention of his name in most real-world conversations would be enough to start an argument.

Islamofascism/Islamofascist - In general, Islamofascism refers to the notion that Islam is not so much a religion as it is a political ideology that in many ways resembles "fascism" (i.e. the modern common definition of fascism which equates it with totalitarianism, as opposed to the original capital-F Italian-style Fascism). More specifically, Islamofascism is used to describe either the social structure of a society living under strict Islamic shari'a law, or the interpersonal behavior of someone who acts in accordance with true Islam. An Islamofascist can either be an Islamic fundamentalist, or someone who uses violence or bullying tactics to impose Islamic principles on others -- or, more bluntly, a Muslim bigot whose religious beliefs are the source of his bigotry. Radio talkshow host Michael Savage has repeatedly claimed on air that he coined the term "Islamofascist" in his first book, and even offered a reward to anyone who could prove he was wrong. However, the term was first used on LGF at least nine months before Savage's book came out: Robert Crawford 3/2/2002 01:43PM. But in reality "Islamo-fascism" was coined at least a decade earlier; the first known use of the term was on September 8, 1990 by journalist Malise Ruthven in a column about religion for Britain's Independent newspaper, in which Ruthven wrote, ""Nevertheless there is what might be called a 'political problematic' affecting the Muslim world. In contrast to the heirs of some other non-Western traditions, including Hinduism, Shintoism and Buddhism, Islamic societies seem to have found it particularly hard to institutionalise divergences politically: authoritarian government, not to say 'Islamo-fascism', is the rule rather than the exception from Morocco to Pakistan." There may be earlier citations as well.

Islamonazi - A variant of the more common "Islamofascist," but drawing a more direct comparison between Islamic fundamentalism and Nazism in particular, as opposed to the more generalized term "fascism."

joooooos - satirical pronunciation of the word "Jews," in mockery of anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists who blame the Jews for everything. Apparently first used in Usenet groups in the mid-'90s.

Koranimal - Derogatory and somewhat offensive term for Islamic terrorist, or a Muslim who sympathizes with Islamic terrorists. A contraction of "Koran" and "animal." Date of first appearance unknown, though probably predates LGF.

Magic Kingdom - Saudi Arabia; an ironic reference to Disneyland, which in many ways is the exact opposite of Saudi Arabia, where shari'a law ensures that fun is non-existent

moonbat - An unthinking or insane leftist -- in other words, most modern leftists. Moonbat can also be used as an adjective, e.g. a moonbat professor. According to the Wikipedia entry for moonbat, the word was coined in 2002 by the Editor of Samizdata, Perry de Havilland, and was a variation on the name of radical British activist and columnist George Monbiot. Originally, the term "moonbat" was intended to be more politically neutral, and described wackos on the left and the right, but it quickly acquired its current usage of being applied almost exclusively to those on the left. The term also references the moon much in the same way that "lunatic" refers to the insanity-causing powers of the full moon (luna = moon). LGFers occasionally analyze the behavior patterns of various moonbat "species" as if they were actual animals, and even give them satirical Linnaean taxonomical names, such as moonbattus berkeleyensis. According to Charles: "Moonbat was originally coined by Perry at Samizdata, I believe. But LGF probably played a much bigger part in popularizing it." The entry in the Samizdata glossary indicates that Perry originally coined the full phrase "barking moonbat"; apparently "moonbat" is just a subsequent shortened version of "barking moonbat," rather than being a pre-existing term that was lengthened to barking moonbat.

Moonstream Media - Derisive term for the left-leaning media; a conflation of moonbat and mainstream media.

Tin Foil Hat - Referring to a device worn by delusional schizophrenics to protect themselves from mind-control rays; or, more generally, to anyone who believes in an absurd conspiracy theory. Apparently a very old term, possibly dating from the mid-20th century when police would advise crank callers to wear tin-foil hats to defend themselves against psychic attacks.

Zionist hair rays - Magical rays emanating from the hair of attractive Jewish women, with the ability to mesmerize Muslim men and render them sexually enslaved. Based on an Islamic justification of the need for the hijab, which covers women's hair so that it does not inflame the passions of men. Various imams have sermonized about "rays" from women's hair which needed to be avoided, and the notion was exaggerated by female LGFers for satiric purposes.

. . .and my all time favorite, which I NEVER USE but see in use far too often:

RACIST - A statement of surrender during an argument. When two people or disputants are engaged in an acrimonious debate, the side that first says "Racist!" has conceded defeat. Synonymous with saying "Resign" during a chess game, or "Uncle" during a schoolyard fight. Originally, the term was meant to indicate that one side was accusing the other of being racist, but once it was noticed that people only resorted to this tactic when all other arguments had been exhausted, it acquired its new meaning of "indicating one's own concession of defeat."

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