Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wrath, Ruin, and the Worlds End

10 centuries ago, when Muslim armies invaded Europe, and occupied cities, they had for weapons: Bows, Spears, Swords, Clubs, Catapults, Trebuchets and the like... All very labor intensive. Today, we face a resurgent threat from these same Muslim armies, but with a few key differences. These differences are what will destroy the world. back in the good old days when the sun went down, the armies stopped fighting. Because the weapons they used needed to be hefted, and swung, bows needed to be drawn, clubs, and swords raised with one hand as the other held the shield, and their mounts needed to be rested and fed, necessity dictated pauses and breaks in the carnage, a respite where terms were discussed, coup was counted, and the wounded tended to. Even the best soldiers on either side of a conflict were limited by their stamina and weapons in the amount of death they could wield in a day of battle. After all, a bow draws at say 35 kilos, and a sword weighs about 5, the energy needed to continue killing is sapped out of the soldier as the day wears on. Today, weaponry far out-strips the soldiers ability to wield it, and requires far less skill or strength to employ with deadly results.

Fiends like Yasser Araffat took advantage of this by indoctrinating, and employing children as "soldiers". By brainwashing little Arab babies, and indoctrinating them with the thirst for blood, both that of their victims, and their own, he created a model which is now copied by all the other monsters that make up the "Ummah". What we see now, what modern weaponry has allowed is the development of Islam in it's purest form. Eternal bloodletting, and Jihad with "martyrdom" the great desire of all "true" Muslims. Well, now it's so easy a child can do it, and as we have seen, they do.
Boys and girls who've never tasted life, or love...never enjoyed the pleasure of infatuation and romance brought to it's logical conclusion, blow themselves to bits in an instant, along with dozens of innocent victims for a free ticket to an imaginary brothel promised to them by a 7th. century madman. As absurdly satanic as this all sounds to westerners, it's now par for the course in the Ummah Islamiah. What resulted from the devaluation of all life even their own, is played out daily on the world stage, now even in HD we can see monsters blowing themselves up in trains, planes, automobiles.
Scattered bloody body parts which moments before were fathers, mothers, students, sons, and daughters lay strewn about as vividly erotic to the deviant monsters who inspired the carnage as hardcore pornography is to Larry Flint. The ability to record the "events" and view them over and over again, another of the key differences which hastens our demise, titillates and jades those who view this slaughter as holy sacrament, and like any other addict, they crave more. More blood, death and suffering to sanctify them in the eyes of their "Allah". Modern science, western science has given them the tools they need, but still they crave more blood. In their twisted hatred of humanity, and civilization, they covet the means to kill while they rest. Biological and chemical weapons which will continue to kill days, weeks, and months after the initial explosions are the fuel needed by them for their mastubatory fantasies. Blistered bodies, and horrific carnage...Body-counts in the hundreds of thousands or millions if possible are the equivalent of multiple orgasm to the Binladenists. Modern communications allow the architects and inciters to stay well away and safe from the battle zones where the dead bodies pile up allowing them to abuse themselves, and defensless goats while their victims bleed. They hide in their caves and Mosques watching on satellite, then issue communiques, and order further killings in the name of Allah, and this other key difference is the final piece of the death-pie that the world is being forced to eat. While ignorant mobs of Islamist cannon fodder line up to volunteer to be torn to shredded bloody pulp, wrapping their genitals in cotton, in an attempt to preserve them for the Houris in Allah's brothel, the demented brain which makes the body work these heinous deeds remains out of our reach, and spread across the world. We could kill bin Laden, and a score more like him, and there will still be a thousand more brains to replace them, because it is not the men...As twisted, vile, and evil as these creeps are, it's not them that perpetuates this acme of destruction, and blood...It is as you know, Islam itself. That is our peril. Our only hope is the same means that spreads the virus itself will spread the antidote. Our only hope is the light of information... That as they spread their pestilent, pornographic, bile soaked blood-cult, somehow the knowing of it's death stench will wake the rest of us from this coming nightmare, and force us to take the steps needed to end this.
maybe instead of bombing their weapons factories, we should bomb the publishing houses were they print Korans. A toast to the architects of the worlds demise...May they rot in Hell. Here's to Wrath, here's to Ruin, and The Worlds Ending.


Anonymous said...

"maybe instead of bombing their weapons factories, we should bomb the publishing houses were they print Korans."

You put a huge smile on my face man.. its been a long time. Hope to hear from you. My youtube is LupoFantasma.

The Americanluvunit said...

Excellent read.

maccusgermanis said...

I think the koran is its own worst enemy.

Those munafiq muslims that are sure that we, and those trying to kill the both of us, have misinterpreted the vile book should be repeatedly challenged to show us this "religion of peace."

Its not there.

The more dilligently they search for it, the sooner that they might become apostate.